Late Night Special Jail House Treatment For Springfield’s Alderwoman Doris Turner’s Grandson!? – Aaron Lamont Powers DRUG CHARGES!

Meet Aaron Powers Jr.

Mr. Powers according to sources is the grandson of…
Doris Turner who is the Ward 3 Alderwoman in the City of Springfield. Prior to her 2011 placement on the City Council she was on the Sangamon County Board for 10 Years.
Here is a picture of them together (Source FaceBook Public Profile Picture).

Well Mr. Powers got himself in some trouble over the weekend with the Springfield Police.

After what Officers noticed a speeding car they began to follow it. The driver failed to use his turn signal according to Officers, when the Officers went to conduct a traffic stop they noticed the registration of the vehicle was also expired.  Upon activating the emergency lights to pull the vehicle over Officers reported that Mr. Powers was moving around a lot in his seat as he was pulling over.

Mr. Powers consented to the search of the vehicle where according to police they found two small plastic baggies containing what field tested to 1.81 grams of cocaine.

Mr. Powers was arrested and booked into the Sangamon County Jail at 8:48pm on a Felony Charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Now standard operating procedure of the Sangamon County Jail is that people who are brought it on Felony Charges don’t get a bond set until their probable cause statement is taken in front of a Judge. This usually happens on Sunday afternoons, or any day during the week.

Mr. Powers was released from the Sangamon County Jail at 10:27pm the same night he was brought in after posting a $5,000 bond.

Honorable Judge Brian Otwell signed off on the bond sometime between 8:48pm and 10:27pm when Mr. Powers posted it and was released from jail.

Sounds like someone pulled some strings here… There were no jail incident reports that would explain why a Judge was called to have a Felony Bond set (like the inmate going to hospital, etc.).


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40 Comments on "Late Night Special Jail House Treatment For Springfield’s Alderwoman Doris Turner’s Grandson!? – Aaron Lamont Powers DRUG CHARGES!"

  1. WICS ABC Newschannel 20, Illinois Times, The State Journal-Register You Guys See This!?

  2. #byanymeansnecessary…

  3. ooooh, it’s about to get busy up in here!

  4. Ericka Renfro Perkins

  5. I wonder if he got to hang out with his brother in there too?

  6. This is BS, he should have been treated like any other individual. This is what is wrong with the world – entitlement…………………..

  7. Certain people will always get special treatment because of who they are related to or know. It’s kind of in the history of the entire world people. … good for him

  8. There is always a judge on call. If you have a lawyer they call the judge on call and he can set you a bond. As long as people got money. The State of Illinois will get there money.

  9. That is true.. Always an on,call judge.. As long as you have a lawyer!

  10. Sounds like someone has an attorney on retainer…don’t need to pull anything but purse strings for that

  11. My family uses the same attorney….I don’t know Mr. Powers but what I do know for a fact is if I eeeeeever get arrested I’m calling my pops who’s calling our attorney and I’m getting outta jail?!

  12. This should disqualify Dorris from city council.

  13. Full of shit!!! Stop trying to slander people’s name!!!

  14. Now expose how Doris was caught stealing over 16 grand, forced to resign as ward 2 alderman, got no charges brought against her and was able to become alderman for another ward. Also their son Blake to LHS bbal coach with weapons and drug possession charges thay also disappeared and we’re as recent as last year

  15. Literally anyone can have an attorney call the on call State’s Attorney to ask for bond to be set. The jail will provide the attorney with the number. No special treatment, just money.

  16. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm less than 2 hours and out on the streets. Yep it’s who ya know. And seems some apples don’t fall far from tree.

  17. Wow no special treatment just an attorney and money for bail. He’s using the system correctly.
    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Someone who posted here just gave birth to babies by one man but she’s married to someone else

  18. That’s how illinois works. Been that way for years. Just got to know the right people or stay out of illegal activity if you dont.

  19. Here’s a example from 2008 in case anybody forgot or can’t access the link.

  20. Smh. People are so judgmental.. What does her grandson have to do with her? I hate people that wanna crucify the innocent. That woman worked hard to get where she is. How dare you people.? Politics tho.. Innocent until proven guilty.. Stop hating on the turner family.:

  21. Capria Jones look at this, read these comments man

  22. Is there a English word or meaning for juice jw

  23. Maybe someone can answer this,Is Doris Turner related to the infamous Cecil Turner?

  24. Woops never mind. Just noticed some of the previous comments. Wow!! What a family. Heck I’m surprised that her grandson hasn’t gotten one of those cushy city jobs.

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