Krystin Rodman Your Local “Dirty Little Dirt Bag Thief”

Taylorville loves keeping it classy!

Meet Krystin Rodman of Taylorville!

Ms. Rodman went viral in her own little trashy way recently on Facebook. Click here to read the hilarious comments on the original Facebook link.

I guess the story is she went to a job interview dressed like a hooker, then stole change and cigarette butts out of someones car on camera.

The infamous 217 Problems  did a short little topic on the matter. ”


SETUP: Lady catches on camera a girl stealing from her and tags her..

Girl admits to stealing weed on Facebook. 600 comments later.. this is gold.

One thing for sure is this shit is fucking hilarious. Check out the video!

Ms. Rodman currently has a Pending Class 3 Felony out of Christian County for THEFT CONTROL INTENT $500<10K, which she is scheduled to plea out before the Honorable Judge Paisley on 6/16/2017 at 10:00am in Courtroom A of the Christian County Court House.

Keep it classy guys!

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56 Comments on "Krystin Rodman Your Local “Dirty Little Dirt Bag Thief”"

  1. What a nightmare to be her neighbors..

    • Just FYI…The address listed is NOT hers. It never actually was. She got kicked out 6 months ago. The girl needed a place to stay for a short while, screwed me over of course and got kicked out. I tried to help her because she was homeless and was SUPPOSEDLY trying to straighten her life out. Obviously not. If the address would be deleted I would greatly appreciate it. I do not need a target on me and my family because she can’t keep her hands to herself. I am already a victim.

  2. Lacie Farley Jacobs Tony Sweets Johnson

  3. 900 comments long now.

  4. Glad to see the police followed through and caught her!

  5. Is this the idiot that stole a bag of weed from a car?!

  6. Good job taylorville pd. I guess it’s ok to enter a property that does not belong to you and get away with it. What a fucking scum bag.

  7. But according to her she’s not a thief….smh.

  8. Morgan Franklin Timothy Wallace what in the hell

  9. Wow, such an upstanding poster child for central Illinois citizens

  10. Kristofer Heitzman

  11. Kimberly Dial u got to check this out an like the page

  12. Nancy Freitag Jacoby oh my God the comment feed photo in the article

  13. Samantha Wilson bahahah

  14. Zack Strait shed life

  15. Well she certainly does NOT live at that address anymore

  16. John Hollowman | June 16, 2017 at 6:18 am | Reply

    she’s too good looking to have to steal. she could strip and make a lot more money than pocket change.

  17. This girl gives great head. She literally begged me to jizz in her mouth.

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