Kristen Dene Vincent, The Girl Who Sucked And Fucked Her Way Out Of Springfield!

Thought you guys would like this… Since you featured her once or twice on here.

Boy though this girl sucked and fucked her way to Chicago then to Florida. Talk about keeping it classy!

Kristen Dene Vincent Sucking & Fucking Out Of Illinois

Not bad not bad…

Kristen Dene Vincent Getting Down Lesbian Style In Flordia

Oh wow… Hey I guess if it pays the bills right?

Guess it beats fucking your brother right?

Just moved onto a bisexual wealthy Florida man. Bet he doesn’t know what kind of trash she truly comes from?

OH SHIT! We did feature this crazy woman once…

Kristen Dene Vincent Arrested for FELONY Criminal Damage To Property! CHECK THE VIDEO OUT!

#KeepItClassySpringfield #WeLoveUserSubmissions

– C


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22 Comments on "Kristen Dene Vincent, The Girl Who Sucked And Fucked Her Way Out Of Springfield!"

  1. Looks like someone read it… And came directly to website, not via facebook lol

  2. She looks super high all fucked up

  3. Oh but I’m trash lmfao

  4. Oh OK. None of you even looked at pornography or want money. Lol

  5. Jacqui Link you must have advanced yourself with sexual favors before then….

  6. Just block me now Jacqui Link with your fucked up whore ass spelling Jacky or Jacki like “Jacqui” is proof of how smart your gene pool is anyway you stupid fucking cunt.

  7. its not going anywhere hunny! But hey you can Submit Your own story too!

  8. Snarky McSnark | July 16, 2017 at 4:50 am | Reply

    I’d just like to complain that neither of those videos rated even a half a fap, you Goddamn prickteases. If you’re gonna bring the smut, bring enough to beat off to, for crying out loud.

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