Kristen Dene Vincent Arrested for FELONY Criminal Damage To Property! CHECK THE VIDEO OUT!

Meet Kristen Dene Vincent of 3020 E Carpenter Springfield IL 62702, 800 West Ave Apt 206 Miami Beach FL 33139.

According to Social Media Ms. Vincent is Yacht Stew for the Boat Addiction(76321-2929940) Docked in Miami Beach Florida.

Check out this video!

Want to know what happened? Well its only safe to say this behavior is the exact behavior Ms. Vincent did according to a previous victim in 2002-OP-001435. In that Petition it stated allong the lines that she stole things, damaged stuff, and assaulted the victim. Though no formal charges ever came of that situation, its interesting 14 years later shes still acting similarly.

According to the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office in the early hours of 09.26.2016 Ms. Vincent got into a disturbance with a man. The report reads exactly as the video shows that she stomped on the mans computer causing Felony Criminal Damage.

Ms. Vincent was released from the Sangamon County Jail 13 hours later due to “over crowding” according to the Sangamon County States Attorney’s Office. Formal charges have yet to been filed, but she was arrested and booked in for Felony Criminal Damage to Property.

It is unclear Ms. Vincent’s residency though and how it will play into the criminal case.

According to the arrest report she reported her address as 3020 East Carpenter Street in Springfield IL. According to Sangamon County Tax records that parcel is registered to a Susan J. Vincent. According to local marriage licenses Susan is the wife of Kristen’s father David L. Vincent, thought Susan is not listed as Kristen’s Mother.

According to social media reports it is believed some time ago Kristen moved to the Chicagoland area after leaving Springfield, then relocated to Southern Florida.

Court records in Florida list several addresses for Kristen. Most recently they show 800 West Ave Apt 405 Miami Beach FL 33139 with a Brad Curtin, but an updated address was placed with the USPS showing 800 West Ave Apt 206 Miami Beach FL 33139 though not listing Mr. Curtin anymore.

Very very interesting. With these connections and a job that travels her in and out of the country the Sangamon County States Attorney really dropped the ball by letting this clear flight risk leave the county.


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  1. Jenny Marie Cousins isnt this your friend?

  2. The dumbest most stupid bitch there is …. Kristen Vincent!!! Fuck this whore!

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