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Tonight we would like you to meet Brent Ferro. Brent Ferro works for the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office as a Correctional Officer and has since April 24th, 2000.

In July of 2012 he was married to a Jennifer Lynn Toler of Springfield.

Mr. Ferro has had some rather interesting complaints filed against him with his time at the Sheriffs Office. Ranging from favoritism towards an inmate, having his service firearm at a bar while playing darts, references of him allegedly purchasing sex from known prostitutes, “accidently” taking inappropriate mug shot of a female inmate,  abuse of sick days, to associating with known prostitutes and heroin addicts.

Now normally we would walk past something if a complaint is found to be “unfounded” by the internal affairs department, but Mr. Ferro seems to have some repeat issue.

In January of 2015 a female inmate filed a complaint of C/O Ferro stating “She was a bad girl and needed spanked”. This girl was a known prostitute and heroin addict according to the report.

In November of 2014 a female inmate filed a complaint stating that C/O Ferro has messaged her on Facebook inappropriately. She showed the message to a Lieutenant with the Jail and from reports state the message had something along the lines of C/O Ferro “wanting to hookup” with the inmate.

In June of 2014 another female inmate filed a complaint on C/O Ferro about talking about her friend being a “dancer” and showing off mug shot pictures of this friend.

In 2012 a Brandy Crayne came forward (a convicted prostitute) filing a complaint that she had slept with C/O Ferro at least 4 times for money. She stated she did it because “the money was good”. She was able to describe his house very well in her complaint. She filed the complaint because her daughter Sharon Crayne was booked into the jail (and convicted) on a prostitution charge, and the complaint states C/O Ferro propositioned the daughter for sex.

Rather interesting, most of the complaints were “unfounded” and no action was taken. Though a few were (see the attached IA File). It is very interesting that his man apparently has a thing for prostitutes and strippers, and he is using his position at the jail to gain authority over them based on their charge to benefit himself sexually.

Prostitutes and Strippers BEWARE!

At first in the file it seemed to have stopped when he got married, but apparently the complaints keep coming!


You can view the full IA File by Clicking Here!

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14 Comments on "Known Heroin Addicts & Known Prostitutes? Sign me up!"

  1. This is not true. I live not to far from this couple. I talk to them almost daily. A guy does his job and pisses people off doing so. Of course “bitches” will do whatever to start drama. We live in the age of smart phones. I can take a picture of a human face and put it on my dogs head. Does that mean it’s real? Come on. This is a guy trying to support his family.

    • SpringfieldILExposed | August 29, 2015 at 10:43 pm | Reply

      Did you read the IA file? Some of those “bitches” complaints he admitted to or were found founded by the department.

      • I know how the system works. Anyone who’s been in trouble, needed an order of protection, or, has been in court for a custody case knows how the system works. There is a “compromise” in every plea. I will judge by what I see. I know this man treats his wife and child with an abundance of love and respect. I don’t care about his past.

    • he may be trying to support his family but he is an abuser of authority and power in that county jail, and I unfortunately know for a fact he treats those ladies like shit!!! If your not a big ass flirt then you are snot to him and he treats you worse than any other C/O I have unfortunately had to come across. If she has details of his house than I’m sure she was there. He’s a pig and needs to be called out on it.

  2. Hoes b gettin pissy n tryin2 fuck wit people cuz they offer they nasty pussy n get denied. Only time a hoe get mad if u say no lol. Fuckin wit families ain’t cool. Dis how good people turn evil! That ain’t real cuz it don’t say he fired. Yall fucked up! Got a pix of his lil baby ain’t got shit 2do w his kid why yall postin that! Yall lettin the devil in lettin them hoez fuck round. Don’t nobody believe them nasty girls. I pray for all yall.

    • SpringfieldILExposed | August 29, 2015 at 11:23 pm | Reply

      Can we get a translation on this please?

      • Loose women get upset and try and mess with people because they offer their nasty vagina and get turned down. The only time a loose or fast woman gets mad is if you say no(laughing out loud). Messing and hurting families is not acceptable. This is how good people turn evil! That is not real because it does not say that he was fired. You all are not right in the head! You have pictures of his little baby which has nothing to do with this situation. Why are you posting that! You are letting the devil in. Letting those loose women lie and hurt others. No one believes them nasty girls. I pray for all of you.

        I hope I translated the uneducated language correctly. I do apologize if I messed up a bit, never really understood it myself.

  3. You have no clue how this person is everything they say about him is true and there is more that goes with it just cause you think a person is nice does not mean they don’t have many sides to them don’t be fooled by the smile and polite person.

  4. karrie sharrow | September 6, 2015 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    I know what u mean they got my husband in jail on false charges and they keep lying on him why do cops lie it’s b.s. and I’m tired of it

    • Your “husband”was found ON CAMERA FONDLING A CHILD!!He walked into peoples homes in the middle of the night and rubbed on multiple minor children including being recorded on a web cam!!KEEP YOUR CHILD MOLESTING METH LOVING HUSBAND OUT OF NEW BERLIN!!!!!!!

  5. Brandy Crayne is a major skank. i wouldnt believe anything she said.

  6. I remember Brent Ferro. He used to live in my neighborhood in the 90’s. I was 5-8 years old at the time and my brother invited him over for whatever reason. Turned out he stole my life savings of $118. There were only 3 suspects at the time of the crime; my mom, my brother or Brent Ferro. So I guess Im just assuming it was him. But my gut says it was. Once a crook always a crook. I dont hold grudges, but I never forget. Oh well looks like he made the most of my money hahaha!

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