Keep It Local Springfield!!!

Danny Johnston the Owner of Sunrise Café could not have said this any better guys…

“I know everyone is obsessed with the new “this or that” that comes to Springfield. This month it’s Krispy Kreme. Next month it’ll be something else. And you’ve seen me. I haven’t met a donut I didn’t like. But there is not a thing wrong with Mel-o Cream Donuts. And they are local. So you need to think about it. Even you business owners and managers. Do you want your customers to go to a chain hardware store because it’s cheaper? You want them going to St. Louis to buy a car because it’s cheaper? Shop local. Keep our hard earned dollars in OUR community!”

Keep it local!!! PS Dan I had dinner at Sunrise on Thursday and boy that Country Fried Steak Dinner was amazing!

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9 Comments on "Keep It Local Springfield!!!"

  1. Glad you enjoyed dinner Thursday night!

  2. As far as I’m concerned whether the business is a chain or not they’re employing local people and the wages they’re earning are likely being spent locally.

  3. Been working at a local bicycle shop for almost 10 years and the shop has been a local one for over 30 years. We have the best customers and they know if they want to get the best service they come to us. You will not get the personal attention from a big box store. Most local places actually care about there customers because it’s there passion not just a job. Most of the goods and services you can get from a local place vs a big box or chain company at equal or better price and you are keeping the small business alive. You are keeping
    Local money here and not in a business persons wallet that does not live here or care about the community.

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