Karley Renee Stade Your Local Drug Addict / Shoplifter

Meet Karley Stade Williamsville’s local shoplifter and drug addict.

Beware, keep and eye on your stuff.

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23 Comments on "Karley Renee Stade Your Local Drug Addict / Shoplifter"

  1. Karley has become a better person. These are old pictures.

  2. Things like this happen all the time, if you only care when it’s someone you know…well…I guess it sucks to not care about others 🙂

  3. Karley is not this person anymore. She is a wonderful woman who I am proud to say is my friend.

  4. Very confused why this vile Facebook page even exists. Pretty sad that the people of Springfield have nothing better to do with their time, specifically the heinous individual that submitted this picture to this page. This is my cousin and she is one of the most generous and kind souls that I know. No denying that she’s made mistakes in the past, but who hasn’t? She’s used these mistakes to grow and learn from and is on the path to bettering herself and her life. I wish the same could be said for the foul human being(s) that posted this.

  5. This is from 2012 and 2015? This pretty young lady has changed her life! She was not always the good girl but is working on it with her friends and family behind her!

  6. I have to agree that I don’t know why this page exists. These are old pictures and people can and do change. I love this girl and love being around her. Seems to me that someone out there is trying to be vindictive for whatever reason. She is a beautiful person!

  7. This is all lies people. Karley is not this person described!!! What is going on? Can anyone add discriminating junk on this site that is false cause their MAD. Get over it and grow up. Would be nice if this site could verify and only post facts!

  8. Lisa A. Timm | July 31, 2017 at 2:33 pm | Reply

    Karley is an amazing young woman who, like all of us, has done things that she is not proud of. But unlike some, she has learned from her mistakes and has moved forward in life. Unless you are absolutely flawless, I expect you to move on as well. Karley now has a career and a limitless future ahead. I am proud of you Karley! Love you babe!

  9. Old ass pictures get a life. And post current shit Springfield IL Exposed – Exposed Publishing,NFP. – Springfieldilexposed.com

  10. I had the amazing privilege of knowing the Stade family. My kids grew up with Karley and her sister. Wonderful girls with 2 good parents. We all have things that we have done that we wish we had not. We fix it…learn from it and move on. She should be able to move on anyway…like we all do from our mistakes. But instead it has to be all over Facebook to embarrass her and force her to relive it. karly I hope that you’re in a secure enough place that you know none of us are judging you. Don’t let this get you down. You simply made the wrong person mad or jealous which is what motivates the people in charge of this page.

  11. Kirsti Carter | July 31, 2017 at 3:16 pm | Reply

    So Karley made mistakes YEARS ago. Who hasn’t? At least she’s learned from her mistakes and has turned her life around for the better. I’m proud of you for leaving this life behind you and striving to make a better life for yourself. Stay strong girl.

  12. Snarky McSnark | August 1, 2017 at 4:55 am | Reply

    why the pretty ones always gotta go the skank route?

  13. I know her dad…and I’d like to see this article handed to him in person.let him read it…wait for response

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