Kala Johnson the Homewrecker

Kala Johnson is literally the dumbest bitch ever. She is 25 and from Pleasant Plains. She had been with her boyfriend for 6 years and he proposed to her down in Florida and they ended up being engaged for a year and half. Never setting a date for the wedding and never making any wedding plans, weird right? So on the night of her Fiance’s birthday she decides to get shit faced plastered drunk at Crows Mill. She was falling off of bar stools and honestly making a damn fool of herself. Her Fiance, being the nice guy that he is, decided to take her home so they would get home safely. On the way home, her drunk ass is hanging her 4k ring out the window simply not giving a fuck if it comes off or not. Her fiance asked for the ring and put it in his pocket thankfully. When they got home, he carried her inside and laid her down. He plugged in her phone and what happens when you plug in a phone? It lights up. He discovers a years worth of nudes and conversations between her and another man. Who is this man? It is her 45 year old, MARRIED with 6 kids, BOSS! She stated how she saw his wife downtown and them avoiding being caught. It truly was downright disturbing. The next day, her ex-fiance told her to get out and she simply wouldn’t. She stated that she cheated because “she thought she couldn’t please him (ex-fiance) in bed.” She remained in the house for two weeks till he finally had to serve her papers to get her out. Her mom even texted her ex-fiance and apologized and practically disowned her and called her a whore for a period of time. Her ex-fiance reached out to the wife and she filed for divorce. This bitch caused a divorce, a custody battle, and destroyed her engagement. When her ex-fiance started going out on dates to move on, this bitch would contact the girls’ exes he was out with and tell them that they were on dates with a married man! When the ex-fiance, attempted to sell the engagement ring he spent an arm and leg on, one lady showed interest in it. Kala and her mother harassed this lady telling her that she doesn’t know the story behind the ring and that it was Kala’s ring not hers. I guess crazy runs in the family. She continues to make contact with her ex-fiance saying that “maybe we can work it out someday” while she is dating her boss now. She must be pretty satisfied with herself to be so damn cocky… or maybe just downright delusional. I would never trust this bitch around any man. 10/10 biggest homewrecker ever.

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13 Comments on "Kala Johnson the Homewrecker"

  1. Just another hoe from springfield area. Not worth the time i spent reading it. Damn near all the same way.

  2. Looks likes this dumb cunt got taken to the dark side! Nothing ever good forms that! Another one bites the dust. SMH

  3. so is this her boss in the picture? are these his kids?

  4. ………2018-OP-002162

    • i checked you case number. who are grover and harris? i’m not following along.

      • I know the guy she is with in the pic. I looked him up on case search and it looks like he was in another affair with one of his other coworkers just recently in november.sounds to me like he has a cheating problem

  5. Oh look! Another white trash Springfield whore that prefers the BBC! Surprise! Suprise!

  6. Why the fuck do any of you care, white boys you mad cause she got some BBC, females your stuff just ain’t surfaced yet. Funny his name was never mentioned in the article so I guess you losers have some relations with him too. Get a life and leave other people shit alone.

  7. Oh it look like Grover lied, court said insufficient evidence, you know they hand out o/ps like free cheese. JUST SOMETHING YOU GUYS FORGOT TO ADD.

  8. Alaugh Andahalf | January 17, 2019 at 1:15 pm | Reply

    That’s what her stupid, slutty,ugly,dirty,trifling, smelly,sneaky, grandma teeth/ giraffe neck having ass gets!

  9. Alaugh Andahalf | January 17, 2019 at 1:30 pm | Reply

    That’s what her stupid, slutty,ugly,dirty,trifling, smelly,sneaky, grandma teeth/ giraffe neck having ass gets!

  10. The Great I am | January 17, 2019 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    Unbreakable bitches!!!! More to come stay tuned!

  11. This BROKEN BITCH sick asf! A crack head and a hoe hoe hoe! Great mix!

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