Just Because We Are Petty… Spiral Out Tattoos Apparently Can’t Spell “Destinations”

First lets start with this song…


You may remember our coverage on Spiral Out previously…

Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings Allegedly Stole Over $4000 From The Autism Society Of Illinois Central Chapter!


FOLLOWUP!!! “Stolen” Fundraiser Money “Donated”! WAY TO GO SPIRAL OUT TATTOOS !!!!

But hey mistakes happen, but it does pose a good question. Whose fault is it? Who is responsible for making it right?

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80 Comments on "Just Because We Are Petty… Spiral Out Tattoos Apparently Can’t Spell “Destinations”"

  1. I just wanna say that I absolutely DID NOT submit anything to this page regarding this post.. they basically just took my post word for word. Now discuss…

  2. been there. dealt with that. new story please

  3. God, you guys are just trying to fuck shit up for the spiral out crew.

  4. because they’re lonely and have nothing better to do than stare at a screen all day and look for meaningless drama

  5. Really any tat I got I approve before they do. So obviously person who got tat said ok looks good before started

  6. What a fnn stupid page. If you haven’t noticed your getting far more viewers these days. Just saying. Get a real job and stop harassing people!!

  7. Love you deezy !!! ❤️️

  8. The artist was eating a milkyway not there fault

  9. If you cant spell chances are ur not touching me .. You belong on the otherside of the wall when they build it ..

  10. Education is a must
    Especially if ur getting a tat with words i cant even deal with this im

  11. Spelling mistakes start with the artist but end with the customers. Spell check your stencil before it becomes permanent. Js

  12. On a positive note, the tattoos themselves look good! Hoping the person gets their tattoo all fixed up to where it’s not obvious it’s a fix up.

  13. I love how this somehow is now about Mexicans.. This is disturbing. What the fuck is wrong with you people…

  14. Why the fuck wouldn’t they spell check the tattoo before actually doing it?!?!?! Smmfh

  15. That is unfortunate but seems as much a client issue as it is an artist issue. Before the stencil is put on the client should have be shown and able to correct or change anything before it went on their skin. Beautiful tattoos tho, hopefully they came up with a fix.

  16. Springfield exposed is garbage! Crawl up a hole to find some better stories lhh!

  17. Tattoo Artists are people too, people make mistakes and accidents happen. Rachel is an amazing artist with a good heart who will do whatever necessary to make it right. I trusted her to fix a huge mistake a previous artist made and with complete creative control she has done what I thought was impossible, she has given me my confidence back❤️❤️

  18. lol. It’s not the whole responsibility to the client if their tattoo is spelled wrong. Sure, they approve of it. But you would think the artist would’ve caught on and mentioned it to them BEFORE doing the process.

    • Sorry but if was on me it be all my fault. They stencil on u or hand draw it first so u can approve it. Be same as if company said this is color gonna paint ur car and shows u the color and u approve it but thrn after u realize u approved wrong color.. Yeah both parties should of seen but its going in someone’s body for life. U think they know how to spell what they asking for

  19. I loved reading the conversation between the artist and the client I assume. I think it’s funny how she is sorta making fun of it and is sorta blowing it off and making excuses of how it happened not a good artist in my opinion

  20. My god, you guys never shut up. Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. Shouldn’t we be coming together to help others improve? From the messages that I see the artist is not the one who messed up the spelling it was the customer. I dont care what anyone has to say about Spiral Out, they have done art on me and they will do the rest. .

  21. I got my first two tattoos from there and I love them both and will continue to keep going back to Rachel for my tattoos everyone fucks up , and your artist is going to do what you bring in it , was a honest mistake on both ends.

  22. this tattoo was done free handed from Rachel. No stencil. So tell me exactly how she sucks as an artist. This was done 3 years ago.

  23. The person getting the tattoo should look at it and give verbal approval to continue….if that was done….its that person’s fault.

  24. They even admitted to putting out all hearsay

  25. The client’s fault for not knowing how to spell something they wanted in their body. That would have been stenciled on he skin beforehand. She could have stopped it.

  26. That being said… Looks like the artist is gonna work with her to fix it in some way so that’s cool of them.

  27. I’ve seen this happen before….more than once.
    Both, the client and the artist are at fault. One of them should have caught the misspelling. It is very obvious when you read it.
    You can’t just cover a letter and think it’s gonna look good/right. The whole word needs covered and the tattoo will never look right because the placement of the words. I would cover ALL the words up, and get it redone from an artist that can spell.
    Good luck with this one….

  28. This was a good laugh lol
    Thank you everyone.

  29. Lots of lol’s..Id be pissed!

  30. Unfollow the page if you don’t like it. It ain’t springfield exposed fault some people can’t spell. Nobody should need spell check to know how to spell destination

  31. You guys made me laugh…

  32. I think this is becoming harassment

  33. Unfortunate mistake if the artist is going to help make it right somehow lesson learned 50/50 responsibility

  34. Wouldn’t the person getting the tattoo look it over BEFORE it gets tattooed on them.. wow

  35. I got one on my back… he free handed it so there really wasn’t a good way to spell check beside trying to see in a mirror. Didn’t think forward was going to be a problem. 6 years later I’m still “looking foward”….

  36. Kayla Box Stephen Klein Rachel DeVault smh

  37. If you’re getting words put on your body, you spell check that shit on Google, with your old English teacher, a stranger, and Jesus. That shit makes you and the artist look stupid. I understand we are human, and we make mistakes but spell check! I made sure my “Stay Strong” tattoo was spelled correctly before having it done and it’s easy spelling. Think before you ink! Or you’ll end up regretting it.

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