Junkie snitch

BE AWARE OF CANDACE SMITH. Dirty hoe has been arrested so many times on so much shit she should be in prison, but here she is out and about, doing meth, heroin, crack, whatever she can suck or scam off someone! She’s constantly ripping people off. To top it off she’s a POS mom who couldn’t put the dope down for her only kid. Don’t fuck with this bitch. There’s a reason she’s still out after all the shit she’s been popped with!!!

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3 Comments on "Junkie snitch"

  1. 1. Pretty sure she is in jail today
    2. She’s in drug court which is why she keeps getting out
    3. Drug court participants can’t be snitches

    • way to defend a snitch, how come when you come around candice you got needles laying everywhere and then the house gets raided the week you show up

  2. Howie Feltersnatch | April 18, 2018 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    How do I get a hold of her I need a bj and have some cash.

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