Judge Vacates Community Service Hours For Convicted Animal Abuser Christina S. Roach!

Remember our story Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect) ?

On 10/26/2015 in front of Honorable Judge Otwell Ms. Roach plead guilty to two Misdemeanor Counts of Violation of Owners duties in relation to a June 2015 Riverton PD Incident.

Click Here To Read The Full Riverton Police Department Report!

Ms. Roach Received 1 Year of Court Supervision, $327.00 fine, and 100 hours of Community Service in exchange for her plea. NO JAIL TIME!!!

On 02/16/2016 Honorable Judge Otwell WAIVED the 100 hours of community service! SO THIS CONVICTED ANIMAL ABUSER ONLY GOT A $327 FINE & 1 Year of Supervision!



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2 Comments on "Judge Vacates Community Service Hours For Convicted Animal Abuser Christina S. Roach!"

  1. This is appalling. I’d like to shove her nasty face into that shit covered box of a “kennel” and see how she feels.
    Then I could just tie her defenseless to a boat and leave her there to rot.
    That’s exactly what she did.
    How that for a ruling. A petty fine and some community service isn’t going to teach her a damn thing. Might as well have told her to go do it again.

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