Jordan Monroe Arrested & Jailed Again For Possession of Stolen Vehicle & Criminal Damage To Property – $250,000 Bond!

Who here remembers Jordan Monroe from How Does The Spit Taste Jordan J. Monroe?? Little Dick Convicted Armed Robber In Trouble Again! or Jordan Monroe Convicted Armed Robber Scared??? ?

Well Mr. Monroe is back in the Sangamon County Jail on a $250,000 bond for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle & Criminal Damage To Property.

Mr. Monroe is also currently out on bond for am Aggravated Battery/ Use of a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Damage To Property case. Click here to Read the FULL Police Report Around That Arrest!

You may know of Jordan because of his crazy website “”.
On that website Mr. Monroe blame everyone but himself for the crimes he committed. I bet we see a StopCop 2 when he gets out this time…

Mr. Monroe stated on his website “..My bond was set at $250,000 and the Sangamon Co. Correctional Officers did all in their power to force me to plead Guilty to something I had no idea I was doing–Robbery–as opposed to a fair Trial…”.

Hey buddy your bond is $200,000 this time… From your previous complaints a lot of the Staff Members you publicly blasted still work in the jail…

“..I plead guilty because it was the only way to escape the bounds of the conspired parties involved in this injustice: Sangamon Co. Sheriff’s Office, Smith Family, Tolley Family, Nathaniel Ayers, and the State’s Attorney’s Office. I spent a total of 910 lonely, heartbreaking days incarcerated and will never forget this injustice. However, I hope to use my knowledge and skills in an effort to stop injustice’s such as these from occuring henceforth. Thus, was born…”

Well get ready for another long stay, you caught two more felony charges while out on bond for two. You are looking at some very serious time this time especially with your violent background.

Mr. Monroe you listed your address as living in a big old nice mansion… But in recent police reports you were living either in a trailer or on your brothers couch. Then again you posted that you lived in this nice house in Peoria aswell… We are all confused, just like the stacks of photo copied money you had posted on Facebook and all the $100 bills had the same serial numbers.

The Sangamon County Sheriffs Office refused to release the police report around this arrest citing its still a pending investigation.

What we do know is that Mr. Monroe allegedly stole a car and rammed it into a fence then an SUV of someone he has had issues with for years.

More to come when they finally release the report.

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8 Comments on "Jordan Monroe Arrested & Jailed Again For Possession of Stolen Vehicle & Criminal Damage To Property – $250,000 Bond!"

  1. He kinda looks like a Sunday boy. Lmfao

  2. Seems to dress well to be a thief.

  3. I would like you to know the owner of this website is being charged with cyber stalking. Notice how none of these crimes had any actual EVIDENCE to convict Jordan. I personally have been friends with him for a certain period of time and know just about every story and every accusation made against him. This post is outlandish and exaggerated and many of the lies are restated and twisted to rustle many readers that have personal alibis against Jordan. I would like you to know I read the full police report including Nathan’s statements. He woke up in front of his car and the only reason he knew what happened was because his GIRLFRIEND told him. Put two and two together before you believe the lies that this website posts. Some may not be lies but they are twisted and exaggerated and made out to be worse than they appear. Jordan is a very good person. He’s successful. He doesn’t focus on criminal behaviors. He’s focused on his business, and making money, and was soon to be married to his fiancé. I would like to also say any negative comments made towards me for standing up for Jordan do not mean a thing to me especially if I don’t know you them you are just irrelevant. I will not put my identity because I really don’t feel like tracing IP addresses to find who made an article about me or starts cyber stalking me. That would mean I’d have to get the police involved who many of them are family members and that’s just too much work for something beyond ridiculous and petty. Peace

  4. Jordan Monroe is not innocent of anything. You obviously don’t know him or his underage “fiance” very well at all. Especially since a month ago I seen the vandals at Walmart, I followed them out with the police on the phone and his punch ass girlfriend tried to run my husband over in her grandmas sonata! He deserves everything he’s getting and all the jail time he’s about to receive. His little minor girlfriend deserves to be behind bars as well!

  5. Jordan Monroe has got one coming to him. Hes a pedophile, not just for underage girls either. I KNOW FOR A FACT HE IS A P.O.S. I hope they ass rape him so bad in jail he shits blood for the rest of his life.

  6. I am responding to Gracie P, because she apparently likes to tell one side of the incorrect story. I am now 19, and STILL with Jordan Monroe. Longer than your 18+ “marriage”, huh? Seems like two “adults” couldn’t work anything out. And you followed the “vandals out of wal mart with the police on the phone”? You mean you chased us and when we TRIED to get away from you, you and your boyfriend circled my car? Kind of ridiculous that two “adults” are harassing a child, am I right? I did not try tun your “husband” (who was never even your husband) over, while trying to get away from people who are chasing me, he forced me to stop my car so you could try to attack me through my window. Jordan Monroe has the recording, and we also called the police, who in fact told us, you didn’t call them. Nice try though 🙂

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