Jon Bierbaum

Beware of this worthless piece of shit! Put his girlfriends face through a window! Put her face in a dog food bowl and choked her out! She lost custody of her two sons, used her to clean 2 inches of dog shit from his basement! How does he pay her back? He cheats in her! Find this woman and warn her! Her name is Melissa Warren. Check Sangamon Co records for 7 pages of arrests and OPs! This loser has no job, alcoholic, sadist, and continues his battle with erectile dysfunction! (Her words, not mine). Does not pay child support, falsified documents to get free medical card! Help save this woman and her children from this worthless piece if shit! Pics to show what happens to his victim! Don’t let this woman lose her children because she’s being fooled by this worthless cocksucker! She lives in Witt!

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