Jitonna Leah Kain COME ON DOWN! – Bad Checks Are Just Your Thing Aren’t They!?

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Meet Jitonna Leah Kain.

You may remember her from Theresa Miller‘s story “I know everyone has been dying to know who the latest loser we foolishly called a friend is, so here goes. If you know Jitonna Kain you better watch the hell out! She is a sneaky, manipulative, phony, user who will get you for whatever you have if she has the chance. Back in February she agreed to pay for her portion of a family vacation we just got back from. She was supposed to give me her tax refund to cover what I had put on my credit card for her. Well, guess what?? The check she wrote to me to cover it was on a CLOSED account! Unfortunately, she stalled me for so long, saying that her tax refund hadn’t came yet, that I didn’t find out until we were in Florida last week! So not only did it fuck us out of $2800 but it ruined the only family vacation we’ve had in over 4 years. She’s been plotting and manipulating for months, smiling in my face and telling me how she would never do to me what Andrea Elliott did! What a joke!! I’m done with fake friends, users, and thieves. So here’s the deal, Jitonna’s mother is the account holder for the closed checking account, her mother also wrote me a check on the closed account to “cover” the first check that Tonna wrote. The police will be going after her mother since she knowingly allowed Jitonna to write a check on her account. Felony charges for a 50some year old grandmother. Let’s hope her dirtbag daughter doesn’t let her take the fall for her scamming, even though they both deserve jail time. I really need to start checking all my “friends” out on the circuit clerk website to see if they have a record. Jitonna has felony charges for writing checks in someone else’s name last year!!! Boy, do I feel like a fool. Pictures of her messages in comments. Also, she blocked me so I was sure to make this post public so anyone can share it and hopefully it will get back to her. One thing about her is that she’s all about what people see her as. Let’s make sure she’s seen for what she really is!! ” & ”

Anyone that has dealt with a criminal investigation knows that it takes time to build a case, question the suspect, and make an arrest. Unless you are caught in the act of something by the police and arrested at that moment you may still be free to roam the streets until they catch up with you. I have no reason to make up anything false to harm a “friend”. However, anyone that reads Jitonna’s messages to me can see that she refused to meet me, talk to me in person, or go to her bank with me. That is not the way you resolve a issue of $2800 check written to you “good friend” that was returned on a closed account! She has produced no records of her supposed “certified” check that I still haven’t received. I’m not only trying to shame her (and proud of it), I am trying to warn other people that may think she is their friend to BEWARE! She is very convincing and had me totally fooled.

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Theresa Miller's photo.

Woah so who is this lady?

This isn’t her first time though dealing with the allegations of Writing a Bad Check. Just last year she was arrested and charged with BAD CHECKS/OBTAIN CONTROL PROP Statute 720 5/17-1(B)(1) which is a Class A Misdemeanor. She plead out to some supervision and a fine.

I guess with the 13+ Small Claims/Evictions cases against her its a sign there has been an ongoing money issue.

So what is the real story?

Tell us your Jitonna Leah Kain stories!
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50 Comments on "Jitonna Leah Kain COME ON DOWN! – Bad Checks Are Just Your Thing Aren’t They!?"

  1. Who still writes checks? What are we in the 90’s?!!

  2. Theresa Miller Trevor Miller #Boom

  3. I’ll tell you who writes checks and balances their checkbooks in line at the grocery store…lil old ladies.

  4. Who’s an idiot who wants to commit a crime with a paper trail

  5. Can’t filter a mugshot! Lmao

  6. Holly Wood | May 5, 2016 at 8:06 pm | Reply

    It’s funny I’m noticing a lot of people ripping nice people off for money lately. They think stealing is game? I think Judge Judy needs to see this case!

  7. She did the same thing to me a year ago. I sued her.

  8. I got fired from my job because I accepted a check from her that I didn’t know was bad. I knew her before so my employer assumed I did this intentionally, and she got away with about 600$ worth of free merchandise.

    • That dont even make sense. Why would an employer fire you. Why wouldnt the employer press charges if this person actually wrote a bad check to a place of business ans received merchandise?? I think you’re full of shit. An employer cant fire an employee because a customer wrote a bad check. Good story though.

      • Unfortunately, Illinois is an at-will state, which means the employer can fire an employee at any time for any reason, including accepting a bad check. Good try, though.


        “Can an employer terminate me without advance notice or without giving a reason or an unfair reason for the termination?
        Yes. Illinois is an “employment at-will” state, meaning that an employer or employee may terminate the relationship at any time, without any reason or cause. The employer, however, cannot discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, marital status, physical or mental handicap, military service or unfavorable military discharge. If you wish to locate additional information, visit the Illinois Department of Human Rights.”

        • Well then WHY wouldnt they ALSO turn the bad check into the states attorneys office and file charges against the person that wrote the check??? Sounds like the employee either was in on it or none of it ever happened

          • You do not know what happened on the employer’s side, so don’t make assumptions.

  9. I’m doing better than that, I’m pressing charges! I will get my money back or she will be in jail! Who wants to see all my screen shots of her BS messages??

  10. MD, I’m sorry this happened to you! She is a worthless piece of shit!

  11. She needs to be in jail

    • Funny you that but work with someone who’s mom stole $100,000 plus for years from a church she was the secretary for!!!!! Gerri Samson deserves to be sitting in jail right now and her daughter who uses her children as weapons to hurt the fathers. Ok….

  12. I think it’s interesting that none of her family or friends ever comment defending her. That speaks volumes.

  13. I always see this chick out…She is def on some hard core drugs!

    • If you see her out all the time in bars, that means YOU are out in bars all the time too right? So i guess you must be on hard core drugs too? You’re a joke. There’s no truth in your statement. Get a life

  14. Larissa Marie didn’t she write you a bad check too a while back ?

    • No her baby dad wrote her someone elses checks, she cashed them and gave the money to her baby dad. Thats what larissa told us.

  15. Aaron cody | May 6, 2016 at 3:19 pm | Reply

    I love how the cpmments section is a bunch of people yelling at each other sometimes bot even about the article lol

  16. Apparently, your original post got deleted? Will they put it back up after they review it? I got a notification that I was reported. Never been in Facebook detention before Tonya King Eric Mccawley

  17. Lol, oh well. Everyone has already seen it and knows what she’s about!

  18. Theresa I think all the comments standing up for her or calling someone else out must be her making up fake accounts!! Seriously she needs to get a job to start paying all the people she’s ripped off back!! I also agree maybe you should call Judge Judy it would be really funny!!

    • Hey MMD you’re clearly not providing your real name lol so you must be fake too huh? I don’t even know the girl and if even if all this stuff is true, then handle it in court. I think its completely ridiculous all the stories posted on here about people. Every one of these people that have been “exposed” is someone’s child. Or even parent. And posting things publicly for people to comment on and ridicule is sickening. Its cyber bullying. If it was your child being exposed or your parent I bet youd think differently. What is it anyones business what others do and what gives us any right to judge anyone? Im sure theresa miller is not perfect, in fact i know Shes not. I partied with her years ago. None of us are perfect.

  19. Yeah Theresa Miller somehow she got it removed but Hella reporting but it doesn’t matter it’s all over our website

  20. You can do another report when she gets sentenced!! Lmao

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