Jennifer Lynn Green Put That Bottle Down And Chill Out!

Meet Jennifer Lynn Green/Eagan/Davison
You may remember her from her arrest on 5/02/2016 with the above picture.

So who is this lady?

Several people have referred to her as Springfield’s OP Queen, or the female version of Facebook Gangster .

With several arrests for DUI’s, Domestic Battery, & Disorderly Conduct her records isn’t that bad…

I see why she is called an OP Queen with over 30 Orders of Protections in Sangamon County. It seems someone was playing the system , and the system played her.

For her May 2nd Domestic Battery she is due back in court for a Pre-Trial Hearing on Jun 1, 2016 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 5C.

For her most recent DUI she is scheduled for a Sentencing Hearing on Jun 10, 2016 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 5C.

So who is this lady? Why so many emails about her? Lets here your Jennifer Stories!


JenniferLynnGreen JenniferLynnGreen1 JenniferLynnGreen2 JenniferLynnGreen3 JenniferLynnGreen4

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131 Comments on "Jennifer Lynn Green Put That Bottle Down And Chill Out!"

  1. Ewwwwwww!!!!! Where do you find all these nasty whores ???

  2. I mean for real for real you find the dirtiest nastiest games in this town put them on here I didn’t know her Palazas Bramblett the nasty yours

  3. I mean her and JM are in a race for the most OP’s in town!!

  4. Don’t worry Jayson Clayton Perkinton she bought her own engagement ring with her tax returns!! That’s what you gotta do when you’re this fucking ugly

  5. Put the bottle down n back away from the coke…u mean?!
    How does she work in a nursing home taking care of people with a record like that? I wouldnt let her care for my daughters baby doll.

  6. Jasen is the female version of Jasen

  7. Well,Well, Well: what she gets for all that drama she’s dished out over the years. Stalks, terrorizes anyone that she comes across! Seemed out over 30 OP-s just because she figured it would help her in a custody battle as well as use her lies too throw kro-bars and cheap shots into others lives. Somewhere along the line she got in her head that if she harrasses others, shell never have too actually fight someone because she’ll harrass them and run straight up too the cnty bldg and get an OP on them. Funny, sounds real familiar don’t it? Well after all, She Is The Female Version of The Self Proclaimed Scarface of FB=JM!!!!! Looks like it’s ALL catching up too her!!!!! So Sad, Not!!!

  8. Back up from the coke table! Her baby tested positive for cocaine at birth. Shes worthless. She also works for a nursing home! Who in their right mind would hire her with her background?!

  9. So who is this lady she is a no good piece of shit mother.. That always buts her men before her kids. Always calling DCFS worried about everyone but herself. Has 3 kids all by different men and she is worried about mine.. Bitch wake and and but the Crack down and take care of ur kids and stop using them.. Stop stealing from them also.. Always talks mad shit but never does anything but call the cops.. She is a scary no good cunt.. I can say so more about her but she don’t deserve my time..

  10. Rabid Pit Bull | May 24, 2016 at 7:27 am | Reply

    Put the pipe down n take of your kids nasty-ness!!! Other than shouting in front of them that your going too commit suicide, because your bf dumped you for the day….he only does that when he’s Horny and would like something that actually looks female…..worthless unts been too the psyche Ward many times all due too the same reason….. Her bf dumped her dude Lookin ass and she was wanting too be felt sorry for and get attention….. Well You getting attention now little girl….

  11. Is that a tranny????? Could swore I seen him walking down MLK Yesterday Lookin cracked out screaming Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m pretty damn ugly and I never even thought to buy my own ring lol

  13. Shes a dirty no good lien cunt.. She belongs in the nut house… I mean she uses her children as pawns instead of putting her children first. She doesnt deserve to be a mother. Especially beating up her daughters father while holding her daughter. Piss poor excuse of a mother. Hows it feel to be famous bitch… You think your cute and always wanna hide behind shit oh scary ass coke whore. They out your story lightly because everyone knows the type crazy alcoholic dope head worlds biggest pos mother and person.

  14. Tracey M. Dobson | May 24, 2016 at 8:47 am | Reply

    She made my family miserable for years now. It’s finally caught up to her. I just feel bad for the kids involved. The kids can’t chose their parents afterall.

  15. Kim Shaw do you realize this nasty bitch has a Facebook page under your name?

  16. This bitch showed up high as a kite to my house while she was pregnant begging for money. She sure acts like mother of the year on her Facebook page!

  17. Rabid Pit Bull | May 24, 2016 at 8:56 am | Reply

    WoW!!!!!! She looks like she needs too put the glass pipe down as well!!!!! Especially in that pic w shorter hair!!!!! Classic deer in the headlights look! Musta cleaned her crack dealer out that day!!!

  18. Kim Shaw please share more. Let the world know who this monster is!

  19. It’s not that she’s just ugly on the outside that’s obvious. She’s also a psycho! 3 kids with 3 different fathers & her kids have tested positive for drugs at birth. She harasses people like an animal then heads right to Sangamon County to get an OP

  20. Fucking funny you people dont even know me at all. Im sure my ex husband had something to do with this and a few nasty whores I wont mention. Hey Kristen aka Holly Wood bitch I was married to your physco midget woman beating cousin and none of the shit your saying is true. You all need to stop stalking me 24-7 and get a life. Springfield exposed shame on you and you just fucked with the wrong bitch!!!,!

  21. Even your own kids Jenn Green Eagan know what a piece of work you are

  22. Oh Jenn Green Eagan we are so scared. Please don’t get an op on us too lol

  23. Hey Jennifer…. You nasty fucking bitch remember that time you showed up at my house high as a kite begging for money while you were pregnant with his child? The worst part is he was in Navy serving our country. You fail to mention all the guys you fucked while he was away in the service too. I don’t fucking stalk your nasty ass 24/7 I got a career to worry about not your nasty ass. You’re one of the ugliest bitches I’ve ever seen…. You’re hard to look at. Your last arrest had EVERYTHING to do with you getting on a website. Why the fuck do I have to lie?

  24. I find it kinda of funny you want to blame people for this yet you have over 30 OP’s that are public record.

  25. no that’s my kids dad and his wife behind this shit get it straight

    • I can honestly say that they had nothing to do with this cuz i showed it to him this morning. So please dont sit on here and bash him, cuz it wasnt him

  26. No Ariel is the baby you were pregnant with when you showed up high as a kite. She’s old enough to speak for herself

  27. You look gorgeous in that picture of the cops taking you away after beating up your boyfriend! Oh and the 1 mugshot where the crack is totally kicked in is better than glamour shots!

  28. I never ever showed up at your house hun and its not Ariel its her physco family.

  29. also never been on crack but your cousin was and even when he was in the military!!!

  30. Right!! You showed up with Erika both of you were high as a kite. Don’t fucking lie.

  31. You want to explain the voicemail to my grandma calling her a cunt???? Or the fact that your child was born with Coke in its system?

  32. Bitch why don’t you unblock me first of all.. And second Me and my husband had nothing to do with this. Is all u bitch. Why don’t you grow up and worry about ur kids instead of your men for a change. And you’re so big and tough you know where I live so why don’t you come take care of it you’re nothing but a Facebook gangster when I come face-to-face to you you do nothing but call the cops scary ho.. you talk all that smack on Facebook but that’s all you do put down the bottle and the crack pipe and take care of your responsibilities oh I forgot your mommy takes care of your kids and pays your bills. All you do to your kids is hurt them and use them for your benefit not preserved it said you should even be a mother you worthless scum bucket..

  33. And for the record Jennifer since you say my husband is a woman beater I’ve been with him over 7 years and he’s never put his hands on me not once. If I was with you I would be true to who wanted. And why don’t you tell everybody that you tried stabbing him with his daughter standing next to him she jump in front of him so you would not stab him.

  34. Cuz he wanted a divorce from you and you didn’t want to divorce.. so keep telling your lies to people we all know the truth

  35. Bitch that’s all u.. nothing to do with her dads family.. u are the one that puts shit in ur kids heads and uses them..

  36. Jenn Green Eagan what’s with the fake profile Kim Shaw? Do you think you’re smart & you can use that for stalking purposes? You’re telling other people to get a life when you spend most of yours at the county building filing OP’s. The IP address to that account don’t lie & I can see you typing away!

  37. Sounds like grade school shit worrying about other people’s life’s instead of their own…to funny I better pop some popcorn fur this shit

    • When this psycho constantly is trying to get OP’s on you acting like a person in grade school. If she would go the fuck away no one would care but over 30 OP’s filed on people that don’t have anything to do with her. She makes shit everyone’s business

    • But I’m eating popcorn too watching her life unfold online for all the victims to see!

  38. Since she mentioned me and called me a woman beater; maybe we should review how many men shes had arrested for assault, domestic whatever. History speaks for itself…. Police have NEVER been called too My Wife and I’s home…each of her relationships police been called atleast 100 times…. Clear too see who the problem was …

  39. Correction, they’ve never been called unless she sent them for another bogus o p….I mean filed divorce in 03, I filed not her! What on Earth would cause Anyone too believe I’d wanna harrass the thing after I paid too get away from her….her myths, lies n Games… Whatever she could do too still torment and attempt too ruin my life..

  40. Hate too say it buuuuut, weren’t Lyin when they said ya can’t turn a ho into a housewife…. Especially when your a Young Man in the military during War overseas and leave that Wife w a bank account, in which she drained too secretly travel across the states too meet a guy she met online…. So Nope, Can’t Be Done…

  41. Crazy family??? John and kasie both work to support your and my cousin Johns daughter. Not you you stole monies that johns family had coming to them. times are hard enough then you take monies that is not yours to feed your addictions . Your taking food out of her mouth. You are not part of the solution you are THE problem. Your mother should have swallow you. And kasie would her biological mom. Kasie and John are excellent parents. Tis cunt needs to take notes

  42. I think the records speak for themselves…. Over 30 OP’s means you got fucking issues

  43. Funny, 30 op’s mostly sane guybthat left her psycho ass 13yrs ago…30op’s and never once got her ass whooped nor was anyone arrested. ..thanks for wasting my tax dollar’s Jennifer Green

  44. All she is gona do is try n smack her kid around n pawn them off to her cracked out mother. Probably steal her clothes cus she bought them…lmao. Who tf steals their childs clothes?! Eisenhauer pool at Southeast HS should drop her mom (Diana)for coke. i think shes upgraded to heroin. Her mom quit sharing the crack with her. i think her job should be looking in to these allegations. If i had a erderly grandparent/family member i wouldnt want this nut job anywhere around my family. If i had a kid begging for my attention on fb id be there in a heart beat n not post on fb how my plans are ruined cus of some people…really bitch your daughter ruined your fucking plans?! Nothing this junkie does ever amazes me. Fucking PATHETIC! Kill yo self bitch. What you need to do it…we all got you!

  45. funny if you actually knew anything you can see most of the ops were my ex and his physco clan lol so get some business….

  46. Spring field – Exposed Publishing, NFP. When you “try” to expose people don’t you usually contact that person to find out their side of the story??? You only want to hear from the “stalkers” that have nothing better to do but report bs to you.. Your a real stand up kind of man I see!!!! Maybe if you had an actual life you wouldn’t waste people’s time with non sense… Who cares that I have been arrested in the past??? Is that effecting you, your “reporter’s”, or anyone else for that matter??? I didn’t think so… Anyone that actually knows me knows I’ve never had a drug addiction and that my kids are well taken care of!!! Everyone can carry on with their day none of this crap surprises me I mean look at the sources!!! I way above every last one of them.

  47. Well I hear she’s been complaining and whining… She’s far from a good mother…. I’m sure she could even spell the phrase…. A good mother Wouldn’t be beating on a man drunk at 8am w her baby in her arms… A good Mother wouldn’t ditch her kids over a guy 24-7 then when the guy gets sick of her drama starting self she makes suicide attempts and goes too psyche Ward… Mom done been twice this year so her good Mother rant….over it and about the O p.SSS obvious she did that for leverage and Too make herself believe she’s important

  48. Sorry you gotta go thru this dumb shit cuzzo

  49. NEVER BEEN A DRUG ADDICT but your child tested positive for cocaine at birth!!!! You can’t even stop getting high long enough to let a innocent child have a chance in life. You ain’t nothing but a self absored dirty fucking bitch!!!
    YOU’RE ABOVE ALL OF WHOM?!?!? I’d love to hear this one!!! I’m waiting

  50. I was thinking thee Exact Same Thing…. No 1 we know has a rougher picture than that;!!

  51. Well she’s the ugliest drunk not too be a drug addict Then

  52. That bitch is so fucking high in her mugshot her eyes are about to fall out of her nasty fucking head!

  53. show me where I ever tested positive for coke or my kid for that matter. My baby is healthy smart and beautiful and you can tell by her weight she is no drug baby. Get real people really grow up. None of you even know me.

  54. She’s not an addict, just does it Every Time she gets drunk and she’s an alcoholic….

  55. Im pretty sure your ex husband knows you. He accidentally married a fucking whore while he was in the service. Since he was away fighting a war for our country he wasn’t aware that his wife would be out snorting cocaine & fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry! You couldn’t keep your legs closed long enough for him to go to war & come home. He was fighting for your freedom & then you use our tax dollars to file OP’s all day long. Your child tested positive for cocaine at birth & that’s a FACT!!

  56. Like I said grade school drama and its still goin….people need to get a life WOW

  57. Honestly all of this is nothing compared too the Harassment she’s given my family, self and other people’s family… I still have the recording of when she threatened too go to my GrandMother’s Home in the Middle of The Night and cause her too have a heart attack and die…so I apologize if anyone feels sorry for her….but you reap what you sow….

  58. Let someone feel sorry for her the second she said that to my grandmother & called her a cunt is the second she fucked with the wrong family! I’m a fucking bitch and I’m proud of it. Nobody is going to talk to my grandmother that way EVER!

  59. Yes, called her an “Old F-ing CUNT! And threatened too go too her house which she was 70 at the time… But she’s above so many…

  60. Grandma is a saint & a classy woman. She never deserveS that from ANYONE and it’s sure not going to happen under my watch. What happened she ran out of people to file OP’s on so she had to go after a 70 year old woman! Think again Jennifer

  61. funny one of my stalkers that has liked about every comment is only mad cuz I have something you don’t hun!!

  62. Is it a stalker or someone you have harassed? What could you possibly have that someone else can’t have?

  63. Did you file an OP against them too? Oh and by the way Jennifer you getting information from Jasen Manuele & having a conversation with him will only get you a bunch of lie. The conversation between you two is fucking classic though! It’s kinda like the 2 of you are related being that you both like to spend is tax payers money filing false OP’s all the time. You 2 are some real fucking winners in Sangamon County let me tell you!!

  64. And both are cowards who start crap w others then file op because as tough as they talk, when it comes too fight or flight…… They Flyin!!!

  65. They got fucking wings the size of Texas… Both a couple of keyboard stalking bitches!!

  66. First it was the phone, until social media came about…. Any way she can stalk Without having too be in reach….simply because she knows shed get that skinny ass whooped

  67. 18 hours later and you all still trash talking this be why the world is so fucked up people worry about other ppl lives and not their own.. Funny funny shit

  68. Doug Malone take fucking seat you dirt bag. Stop defending your white trash fucking cousin. She’s at the fucking county building every week fucking with people’s lives, she hides in her car & calls the cops like someone is bothering her, she does drugs when she’s pregnant, she chooses men over her children & the list fucking goes on. When karma gives them everything they deserve people have a right to talk about it!

  69. I’m sorry cousin… uncle… Not like it matters the family is probably inbred by the way this fucking animal acts. Can’t be human cause she starts foaming at the mouth when she gets pissed.

  70. This ain’t an episode of Captain Save a Crack Whore so you’re in the wrong place.

  71. Hey you fucking nasty Holly Wood whore get a life already… my family is way closer that. your fake ass snitch bitch family so go on talking about people you don’t know. You really don’t know shit about me other than the lies you hear from your family. Look at how your dogging your own cousin Erika that is no longer here to defend herself and may she rest in peace and be free from her fucked up family. What a shame your trying to act all classsy but your too damn white trash!!!! I was married to your cousin years ago hun and you were never ever around . I’m also much older than you so why don’t you take all the info him and the rest of the losers give you and shove it up your ass!!!!! Get a life instead of making up bs lies and trying to drag people’s names through the mud….

  72. Jenn Eagan Holly Wood had no part of your story… Nor did anyone else who commented. The 3 people who sent you into us haven’t even commented yet…

  73. First of all your family is fucking inbred obviously look at the kind of animal you are? What happened did you decide to get high & pop off at the mouth?
    How did I dog my cousin? Because you guys showed up high as fuck begging for money? Yes may she RIP but my entire family knows she had a problem with drugs just like everyone knows you have a problem with drugs.
    I try to act all classsy?!? It’s classy but since you can’t even spell it we know it doesn’t exist in your world!! Please enlighten me on how I’m fucking white trash?

  74. Secondly you are 3 years older then me 3 years isn’t shit & yes I was around when you were fucking married don’t play with me.

  75. Put the crack pipe down sweetheart. Are you mad you’re running out of money to stay in crack hotels & you can’t call my grandma to harass her for money anymore? Or is it the fact that your child tested positive for cocaine in her system when she was born that bothers you? You might want to check your criminal record before you think I dragged your name through the mud. I did however catch you using a profile under the name Kim Shaw to pop off at the mouth to people.
    When you’re done foaming at the mouth I think your uncle or cousin want you to suck on his pee pee before he gives you another hit of that crack you’ve been smoking

  76. That conversation between you and the other OP Queen are in was on point. He’s got you right where he wants you now. I’ll let the trash take itself out!

    I didn’t know they opened a place that does glamour shots for crackheads… You fucking nailed it though sweetheart!

  77. I can’t understand why playboy hasn’t called for you to pose.
    You look absolutely stunning!

  78. Holly Wood for one fuck don’t know me to call me a dirt bag. 2 I never in Any of my comments did I defend her so I see you are twisted in the head makes since with all the shit talking you’ve been doing I think its funny you rather spend time bashing someone for what they did wrong and for you calling me a dirt bag makes you sound pathetic now you attacking me and you don’t even now me. go’s to show what kinda person you really are…momma always said stupid is as stupid does

  79. Drama filled idiots

  80. I think its in ur guys best interest to just stop did u not see ariel’s post? She is torn so how bout ya’ll please just stop for her psyche

  81. Who is this Hollywood lol? Must have me blocked…o soft ass poptarts

  82. Holly wood aka whore is Kristen Vincent lol

  83. Ariel don’t worry about it its going to be just fine. Once again these people are using you to try to hury me but were better than that!!! Love you sew you after school.

  84. Springfield – Exposed Publishing, NFP. I can almost bet two of the three ppl you claim sent in the story we have 2 yr op’s on EACH OTHER. Them two filed against me first too but you go ahead and assume these ppl are telling the truth lmfao!!! Funny they claim I harass and stalk them but where’s the proof of that??? One again you dumb fucks proved who stalks and harasses!!!! Game on for all you low life ass clowns!!!!

  85. Oh look the animals are back!!! Jenn Green Eagan did you put that pipe down yet?

  86. No Wonder your windows just got busted out cuz u allow ppl to harass and stalk ppl. Hope you have good connections with a glass shop lmfao .

    • Lol no windows broken here. Actually I know what you are referring to you your stalker should check the construction trailer in front of the window that has the full old window intact in it. Energy efficient is the way to go, have him hit us up we have some remodel work he can do if he needs a job! 😉 Not all of us have giant dicks on their garages I hear.

  87. Kristen I hope Ariel has nothing to do with you or the rest of the clown’s anymore. She just started talking to her sperm donor again and look at you idiots trying to ruin that again!!! Don’t u have a life? Apparently not!!!

    • I know who her father is. I don’t remember you going to the sperm bank to get pregnant. I do see you visit the Sangamon County building often but never a sperm bank. What does a website have to do with his child?
      Can you name these “clowns” you speak of?

  88. Let me set something straight about my cousin that Jenn Green Eagan tried to make a scene over it like she does everything. All that was said…

    Jennifer & my cousin Erika showed up at my house when she was pregnant with Ariel the 2 of them were high as kites.

    Ok children for your information that is not running their mouths about someone that can’t defend themselves. It’s a statement that’s a FACT. Erika has passed may she RIP but in no way shape or form was her name destroyed.

  89. Jenn Green Eagan it was so fucking funny to see your ugly ass on here. Then when I got into your account and saw the conversation between you and Jasen Manuele I was fucking dying!! The 2 OP Queens…. Actually I don’t know which ones a man & which ones a woman! The longer you go on the more you will get destroyed with

  90. Jenn Green Eagan did you not see the conversation that was posted on how you you left your child and she spoke so poorly of you for being a deadbeat mom?! Aren’t you back with the guy you beat up on your last arrest while holding a baby that was born cocaine positive?

  91. By going through your OP records you have pissed off PLENTY of people. They obviously had enough of your shit. They may not want to comment but me I saw this shit and laughed so fucking hard! It was too hilarious to not comment… I mean look at your face in that picture getting taken out by the police

  92. No need to name anyone those who actually know me knows who did this crap. My lunch break is over gotta go loser!!!

  93. you are a funny bitch! If you want to talk about your “family” so much you can explain why you guys hung around each other so much since that’s your family I don’t want to get it twisted.

    I don’t wish anything. I got that whole conversation saved between you and your buddy JM

  94. Aren’t you looking for somewhere to live right now?

  95. Are you foaming at the mouth again? That video of you getting taken out after you beat up your baby daddy is the classiest thing I’ve ever seen! You were legit foaming at the mouth so bad you were spitting at the cops. You are such a shining star sweetheart

  96. Funny, she called me a deadbeat parent… My wife n I never go out, when we got married we didn’t have the $ too go and vacation w kids plus honeymoon…. So we took kids w us and had a family vacation honeymoon all in 1, took Our Kids too Disney World for a week and going back too fla a week later this year, they each have their room, cable and tv….BTW, none of Our Kids had too be in a home w domestic violence w us…so if that makes me a deadbeat parent, I guess it is what it is.

  97. After Years of lies and tormenting people, she got a taste of what it feels like too be exposed…. Only difference was, her stories were bullshit and nothing but facts against her….

  98. This proves what type of person you are to still be on here trash childish of you no life I see

  99. If that comment is directed at me you can check yourself .. She has done way more too run down my name and make attempts at ruining my life, than anything exposed on this page.. For simply filing divorce on her while serving in The Military she filed a bogus sexual assault case on me w the NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigating Service) had me embarrassed in front of my command. I had too take a lie detector test which I passed, she was called too take one and she set the appointment for after she moved back from VA TOO Illinois… That was only the start bud if her devious, psychopathic bullshit she’s pulled over the past 13 years…. I don’t harrass anyone, Keep too myself for most part. I didn’t set her up w Spfld Exposed and she started in on me thru the page… So I had too Defend Myself and Say The Truth…. And your telling me too grow up. You don’t know me… U haven’t been too jail for domestic, dui or psyche Ward bud like that piece of work has, in the past few months alone…. I’ve gotta alot too vent about… So fuck you

  100. Maybe she could take her kids in vacation…..buuuut, I guarantee her dope dealers kids goin too have a hella vacation!!!!!

  101. Hey John Reid where in my comments did I tell you to grow up so check yours self bud ..I did not say your name anywhere in here…..I give two fucks about what happened between you two so boo hoo and no fuck you have a nice day

    • You want to get started on my cousin? Maybe you should get your wife a set of teeth & your cousin a stray jacket before you start popping off. It’s funny there’s one dumb Fucking redneck popping off at the mouth & 35 people talking about what a psychopath this animal really is! You look like a fucking back woods crack head take a fucking seat

    • You truly are one stupid person dude came at me I never said his name you stupid bitch and my wife need’s teeth I don’t have a wife you dumb stupid idiot this truly show what kinda person you are so fuck you and have a nice day

    • You is the only one to like the comment there’s your sign

  102. Jenn Green Eagan you really got a couple of basket cases here now that attacking me like their shit don’t stink with all the comments and how they come at me they some butt hurt people

  103. Internet bully’s gotta love em

  104. Nicole Miller | May 31, 2016 at 3:46 am | Reply

    Jennifer Green I catch you talking to Jasen Manuele again I’m gonna fuck you up. That’s my fucking man & you need to watch your back. I’m gonna fuck him harder tomorrow when my man goes back to work just so he knows to stop talking to you. You is ugly as fuk tho

  105. Lmmfao. …that’s what the nasty tramp gets

  106. This should be interesting

  107. Hey Exposed share my story I want to be famous like my nephew!

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