Jennifer Gordy Please Just Stop!!!

Remember Jennifer Jackson Gordy??? From Read This Before Ever Helping Jennifer Jackson Gordy!!! or BEWARE!!! Jennifer Jackson Gordy On the Prowl! or GoFundMe Account To Help Family?? Help Get The Husband Out Of Jail That Is… Adam Gordy ??

Sadly she is back at it apparently according to sources…
So allegedly Mrs. Gordy is back at her own ways as you have seen in our previous stories on her..

One reader wrote in to us today telling us she dropped off 4 gifts to be wrapped at Jen’s house to only never see them again. Sad face 🙁

When our staff tried to call the number 217-416-9515 our calls were sent to voicemail. The reader stated she has called Mrs. Gordy several time and messaged her on Facebook and has gotten no reply.


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11 Comments on "Jennifer Gordy Please Just Stop!!!"

  1. Who steals little kids xmas presents?

  2. Jeez there is one in every crowd I guess

  3. How many people has she victimized?

  4. This is unfortunately is no new news…..she’s been a scammer since she came out of the womb..I thought she moved out of state…apparently not. I have been told that she is always on Facebook/social media trying to get something for nothing and if she gets a job she conveniently ends up hurt to get workers compensation. Go figure. What a scab! Beware folks. ..the holidays are when you really see the scum of the earth. Shame on you Jennifer Jackson Gordy!

  5. I saw that post and the first thing that came to my mind was that person would probably steal the presents. I guess I was right. It is terrible that you can’t trust anyone but that is how it is…

  6. should record taking her gifts and getting it on tape that she is to wrap them and what time to pick them up. and when she does not return them call cops and have her arrested for theft and fraud.. gotta be some way to stop someone like her with no soul

  7. It’s sad they are still mistreating people. Thankful for sites like this that bring scams and scammers into the light. My prayers go up for their children. They are seeing evil deeds take place.

  8. Why on earth would you take anything to a complete stranger to do something so simple. Ask a nieghbor…a friend…a family member…sounded fishy as soon as I read her post.

  9. You should be ashamed of yourself cuzo wtf is really going on shame on you

  10. What’s sad, is this didn’t stop when they bailed on illinois, they came to Salina Kansas to start the same dirty deeds. Fake diseases for gofundme accounts, racking up bills and bailing without paying, running out on landlords, finding any gullible caring folks to rake across the coals that they can. Unreal this couple. Absolutely unreal. And she’s working for a company now that does home delivery! Is a thing there? Id not order from them that’s for sure.

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