Jasen Manueles Probation Officers Information!

Today his was shared with us…


We added this to the following statement on the original story.

If you have been a victim of Mr. Manuele and you’d like to contact someone please feel free to use the names and numbers below. These people are well aware of Jasen and will help you!

Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Brian Shaw – 217-753-6690
Sangamon County Court Services Probation Officer Jennifer S. – 217-535-3193
Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Detective Michael Harth – 217-753-6840
Springfield Police Department Lieutenant Kurt Banks – 217-788-8345 ext. 4357

Don’t let this mans threat’s just be dismissed as meaningless internet threats. He’s been arrested for kidnapping before, don’t be the reason he gets away and kidnaps a kid, and rapes a 10 year old like he has been accused of saying he will do, REPORT EVERYTHING!


One reader submitted this saying it remind him of Jasen 🙂

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  1. Lmfao with that song!!!! Well played!!!

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