Jasen Manuele Still Snitching !

On September 6th, 2015 at around 11:35AM Jasen Manuele with his parents walked into the Springfield Police Station to file a police report against us! For Disorderly Conduct!

Its funny Jasen mentioned there is all kinds of police reports against us, but in year 2015 his is the only one!


The Springfield Police Department Redacted the Black, while we Redacted the Red. (Jasen reported us as being someone who we are not, no reason to blast that mans name out there.)

As you can read in the report Jasen walked in with his parents to complain that we published his address. What this report does clarify thought is a lot; One being he does live at home with this parents, Two we did get the address right (Thank you Stop Snitchn 217), Three we did get his probation officers contact information right, Four Jasen still is a Police Calling Snitch.

What’s more funny is Jasen said he has no idea why he is being targeted on this website… Well targeted might be the wrong word buddy, Lets go with Exposed :). You are being exposed for all your crimes and alleged crimes you have committed over the years and allegedly still commit to this day.

We are just warning the community about you that’s all, nothing personal my friend. Please though STOP SNITCHING!!!

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4 Comments on "Jasen Manuele Still Snitching !"

  1. What did the police do?

  2. Dude is pathetic.

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