Jasen Manuele No Contact / No Stalking Order / Courthouse Case Update!

Today Mr. Manuele was in Order of Protection Court on two cases.

One was a young lady who already had an order of protection against Mr. Manuele received a clarification order from the Judge stating that Mr. Manuele could not post about her and further harass her on social media!

The Judge also told Jasen in open court to “Grow Up” you hear faint laughter/giggles in the courtroom.

The other case being heard was continued because Mr. Manuele’s “attorney” was in another court house busy and couldn’t make it.

Mr. Manuele is set for a First Appearance Gearing on November 30th,2015 for a criminal case.

Mr. Manuele has (1) No Contact / Stalking Hearing Set For December 3rd, 2015.

Mr. Manuele has (2) No Contact / Stalking Hearings set for December 17th, 2015.

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2 Comments on "Jasen Manuele No Contact / No Stalking Order / Courthouse Case Update!"

  1. What a total loser.

  2. All the snitching he does and my friend has paperwork to prove it. He acts like he’s your friend says all those rumors aren’t true that people are making up lies. Then he gets to know you and either steals from you or sets you up on a controlled buy.

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