Jasen Manuele Cuffed Up!

Remember Jasen Manuele?? Sure you do come on, his flyers are all around town!
Remember this arrest from 12/22/2015? Jasen Michael Manuele JAILED!! NO BOND! – Address Confirmed!

We got an extra special picture for you tonight!
We love the pants Jasen! Let’s not forget that only Blue Tee Shirt you are always in!

Guess throwing a fit in the squad car refusing to get out because reporters where outside didn’t stop a picture from being taken!

Make sure to keep sharing the flyer! We are getting reports of it all over Springfield!
Click Here For The Full Color PDF!!!

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11 Comments on "Jasen Manuele Cuffed Up!"

  1. I see Jasen is BIG MAD right now lmmfao! Great job on the articles, I’ve also seen many flyers about him all around town! My friend was in jail when he got arrested that night and he had detectives in and out of his cell while he was there. So yes its a fact he’s a snitch and snitched his way out of jail…Dude needs a mental evaluation asap

  2. Eric Mccawley did you read this? Someone posted your addy

  3. He seriously has mental issues,I heard he tried fucking some guy in the ass last time he was in jail…He plays like he’s some damn victim but continues saying hes going to kill someone on his fb. I guess he likes getting fucked in the ass because he definitely likes going to jail clearly….

  4. I hope somebody gets his no good livin at his mama’s punk ass snitch Bitch!!

  5. Jasen you still haven’t showed up to my house.

  6. He’s a piece of shit

  7. Finish him in my mortal combat voice lhh

  8. He snitched on my guy! This dude can smoke that glass dick like no ones buisness. Funny watching his ass crawl on the floor looking for pieces of rock he dropped in the garage. His weirdo tendencies come out big time also soon as he hits the pipe. Stay far away from this thing!

  9. Kill yourself pedophile! Stop saying your going to rape kids.

  10. Jasen ballin out of control manuele in Walmart pajama pants lol bitch made chomo right there

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