Jasen Manuele Back In The Court House News!

Boy it seems like its been awhile since we have filled you all in on the Jasen Manuele Drama. That’s crazy too since he thinks this whole page is about him LOL (No That Would Be StalkerJasenMManuele.com).

Today Mr. Manuele had court for 3 More No Stalking Orders, 2 of which Honorable Judge Sanchez granted and 1 was continued to gather more evidence.

Not to long ago Jasen Posted this on this Facebook Page in reference to us sharing a Meme About him getting head butted in the county building.

Little does Jasen know we had the video for the entire 3 weeks, we just waited to release it as the County Building Cameras Re-record over after 3 weeks on average thus giving only a select few people copies of the tape.

This post though does bring some interesting debate to the table today. During his court hearing today Jasen lost his cool on more than one occasion, then blew up even at the end. Jasen was redirected and even raised his voice at the Judge today (Knock Knock that isn’t the smartest thing to do, IDIOT!) during the hearing. When the Judge issued the two orders against him Jasen definitely lost control and entered the galley then threw his paperwork across the courtroom.

Talk about “the pot calling da kettle black right?” ?

I’m Dead….

Anyway so lets recap Jasen has had over what 31+ Orders of Protections filled against him, or he’s been apart of in the last 10 years or so. This year alone he has been apart of 14!!!! He is on Probation (off of it shortly) for violating an order of protection. He’s been convicted of Felony Aggravated Unlawful Restraint, Unauthorized use of a Credit Card, & Manufacture and Delivery of Cannabis. He’s been convicted of Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence, Retail Theft, Violation of an Order of Protection, Criminal Damage To Property, & Telephone Harassment!

Oh well some people never learn… Hey Jasen how’s that civil suit coming? We are still waiting for the summons.

Anyway back to more important things than the FaceBook Warrior!

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5 Comments on "Jasen Manuele Back In The Court House News!"

  1. Forgot shoplifting lol

  2. Nice to see Sanchez finally making good choices.

  3. About time he got what’s coming too him .

  4. Did he look different with the new hair dye he stole

  5. I’m sure he feels different knowing he’s getting an ass Crack ,and knowing my boy Eric headbutt ed his punk ass in the county jail , that’s how we do it ,,

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