Anyway interesting facts around this arrest. He is arrested for violating 2015-OP-000556 which is in the case of Ray Vs Manuele. This is one of the OP’s that Jasen didn’t fight to get served on nor did he even show up in court to contest it…

Jasen is currently on Probation in case 2014-CM-000794 for violating and order of protection. If the state picks up charges on this new case it will be a Class 4 Felony which normally carries 1-3 years in the ILDOC, but with Jasens background he is extended term eligible so its 1-6, but he could be sentenced to probation again. This new case if picked up will also violate his current probation, he could be sentenced up to 364 days in the Sangamon County Jail for that alone.

Jasen is scheduled for court at 2:30 for video arraignment. As of right now he has not been formally charged with any crimes. The state has to either charge him today or set a bond for him. If they charge him today he will also get a bond. If they don’t charge him today once a bond has been set the state can hold him in the booking section of the Sangamon County Jail for up to 30 days before formally charging him and bringing him in front of a Judge for a preliminary hearing. Inmates in the booking section of the Sangamon County Jail are in a locked down cell 24 hours of the day, they are only allowed access to phones for collect call purposes. They are not privileged a shower, or change of clothes until they are formally charged and moved to a housing unit. They can also not receive any visits while in this unit. Once formally charged Jasen will be moved upstairs to a normal housing unit where he will receive all those privileges and not be locked down 24 hours a day. Obviously Jasen also has the option once a bond has been set to bond out. The state can also release Jasen with no charges filed if they choose not to pickup the case currently, but they have 18 months to reconsider picking it up.

We will bring you more as it comes in.


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6 Comments on "Jasen Manuele Arrested for VIOLATION OF AN ORDER OF PROTECTION!!!"

  1. If the state doesn’t pick up this case, they’ve got issues themselves. Lol clearly with his 50 op’s he needs to learn a lesson. A lot of people hate even commenting on something with his name on it cause as soon as they do he’s harassing you!

  2. Yet he hasn’t violated the op against himself yet?

  3. Lmao! I sure hope he’s denied bail or the judge sets a high bail!

  4. The OP in the paperwork doesn’t expire until 2017. What an idiot. He needs help something fierce.

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