Jasen Manuele – Arrested for RETAIL THEFT!!

Jasen Manuele on 09/08/2015 for Retail Theft.

Click Here to See His Booking Sheet!

Jasen only spent an hour in the County Jail before being released on a Notice To Appear without posting any bond. One can only assume if you are as annoying as your in the street, that the jail wouldn’t want your ass in there either!

This brings a good question, is Sangamon County States Attorney John Milhiser going to formally charge this arrest? If so it will violation Jasen’s Probation on case 2014-CM-000794, which will get him upto a year in the Sangamon County Jail.

Jasen did appear infront of 7th Judical Court Circuit Judge Brian Otwell yesterday for 3 order of protection hearings. Let us highlight some interesting quotes from the hearing…

“Your Honor I have to see a Doctor because of this” Jasen Manuele

“He (referring to Jayson Perkington) threatened to rape me so It would end up on the front page of the paper” Jasen Manuele
“Mr. Perkington did you say that” Judge Otwell
“Sure did your honor” Jayson Perkington

“Your Honor I am scared, I am on meds” Jasen Manuele

“I’ve never met this man before in my life (referring to Jasen Manuele) but he wont stop stalking me” Toyna King

“But your Honor you didn’t read this stuff” Jasen Manuele
“Oh Ive read it somewhere in all this” Judge Otwell

It was a circus for sure, I wish someone could of recorded it and sent it in to us.

Mr. Manuele did file another Order of Protection against Mr. Perkington today. We will keep you up to date on the  Jasen Drama as it comes in!

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54 Comments on "Jasen Manuele – Arrested for RETAIL THEFT!!"

  1. what did he steal does anyone know ?

  2. Tonya King ain’t this ur friend?✋

  3. Lmmfao Yup sure is Matter of fact I got a 2 yr No Stalking order on him yesterday

  4. Hey no ones perfect but damn!

  5. dude messaged me after my dad died of cancer to laugh and say it was funny

  6. lived down the street from us on enos in the 90’s in his moms garage

  7. and aint heard from him from 97-2013 ?? stalker for real

  8. He sent me s FB request after seeing me post on here.

  9. Yup he was talking shit to me a while back ago sayin he was going to smash his tombstone with a sledge hammer I wish he would cause he’d be gone. Then apologize to me later. I still have the messages David Gansbauer

  10. funnny i never see him in public…and i be lookin’ too. seriously.

  11. U will never see him…I mean I don’t know the dude but don’t mess with my family thats how I got involved with that

  12. Dude is a coward said the same thing bout my brothers grave

  13. Oh shit now im probably gonna get a op on me now lmao

  14. i remember something about mike Michael Sullivan and him stealing from someone name Chris’s grave

  15. let the dead rest in peace…

  16. He’s fucking sick! Who in their right mind would talk shit about someone who passed away?!? He’s mental,he told me he would beat and rape my child…she’s only 10yrs old. I’ve never met or talked to this guy ever except yesterday in court when the judge granted my two yr no stalking order

  17. The red is my parents address,I have no clue how he found out where they live…

  18. He needs to go to McFarlands

  19. Dude needs help is all I can say..Crack cocaine is one hell of a drug,and some people will never change.Sad to say he’s my third cousin and he has been this way his whole life.I disowned him a long time ago!And lost all respect for him when he stole from my cousin Christopher B. Nesch gravesite..Your best bet if you meet him is to just run the other way and don’t look back…

  20. Now we will all get OP’s after he reads this. Lmao

  21. I’ve been waiting for one. I’m jealous I haven’t gotten one yet.

  22. This guy sounds seriously scary. How has he not been put in a mental health hold?

  23. Where did he steal from?

  24. Im not sure y this cocksucker put mu name in his mix hes harrassing my friends and lying on me i cant wait till i run into his ass

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