Jasen Manuele – ARMED & DANGEROUS, New Flyer, Threatening To Rape Children!


Click Here To Download Full PDF Of The Flyer!

The community is tired of this SICK MAN threatening to RAPE CHILDREN!

Exposed Publishing NFP will blanket his neighborhood with these flyers over the coming days! All those potential victims are clueless what kind of SICK man is living in that garage!


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38 Comments on "Jasen Manuele – ARMED & DANGEROUS, New Flyer, Threatening To Rape Children!"

  1. I don’t understand why he is still free!! When are the courts going to do something about all of this and put the sick fuck behind bars! Quiet frankly seeing him all over fb is getting old!! Smh

  2. It’s only a matter of time for this guy. If the legal system doesn’t get him KARMA will.

  3. Not saying they’re wrong in this case, but does it seem to anyone else that exposed is just using their site to further personal vendettas?

  4. Seems like y’all really hate this guy…..half of y’all posts have to do with his. No shade but Ijs…..

  5. did you just post his ss number?

  6. That is disgusting & someone needs to take his ass down!! Why is he not in prison?? I don’t get it!! He is a Worthless POS who should not be breathing the same air we do!!


  8. It Wont Be Long Before Someone Guns Him Down.

  9. Holly Wood | May 6, 2016 at 1:03 pm | Reply

    First of all you idiots that are so upsets that this sick fuck is exposed should go drink bleach. This man has 38 OP’s for stalking or threatening to rape innocent children. It’s public record! Yes he gets exposed often we’ll because he threatens often. He’s in court EXTREMELY often with more OP’s & threats.
    J.J. Keating aka Tha MC why are you talking shit? I think there’s a bit of jealousy here since 217 memes isn’t as popular as exposed. I do believe Jasen was in court a few days ago for threatening to rap a 6 year old special needs child. That would be why he’s exposed AGAIN! The page is called EXPOSED for a reason!

  10. How has this dude NOT hung himself by now????

  11. All he does is lose!

  12. He has no friends anymore and Angela dumped him over him wanting to rape kids

  13. Melody left him he has no friends anymore but a snake

  14. He’s got Nicole Miller too apparently. That’s what she’s saying on her Facebook

  15. This pos MF is a straight stalker!!! Dude has one coming as soon as he comes out of mommies garage!!!

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