James Stroh Please Don’t Sue Us! For Publishing Your Public Record!

Meet James K. Stroh aka Jimmy Stroh

Mr. Stroh here has an interesting background. According to sources his messed up eye in the above mug shot is only the start (apparently that one done by two women and a chair according to our sources).

Mr. Stroh here in the pats 6 years has been apart of around 9 Order of Protection Cases. These come from family members, his children’s mother, his ex-wife, and others.

One of his victims wrote us saying “Jimmy is a good man at first, but doesn’t handle letting go well”.

Mr. Stroh in Sangamon County has a conviction for Driving Under The Influence, though he has been arrested and booked into the Sangamon County Jail over 8 times.

In Christian County Mr. Stroh was charged with Domestic Battery, Telephone Harassment, Causing A Child To Be Endangered. All of those cases ended with Noelle Prosecution motions being filed for either state reasons, the victim not pursuing reasons, or pleas on other cases to dismiss new case.

When we reached out to Mr. Stroh for comment he had nothing nice to say…
Oh well… Some people just think they know everything.

From his arrest background and reader feedback, ladies take a chance if you want. I mean you usually don’t get hit with a  chair for nothing. You usually don’t get charged with domestic battery for nothing. You usually don’t get charged with harassment for nothing. Just our two cents…

Take a Look At Mr. Stroh’s mug shots from Sangamon County.

JamesStroh JamesStroh1 JamesStroh2 JamesStroh3 JamesStroh4 JamesStroh5 JamesStroh6

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5 Comments on "James Stroh Please Don’t Sue Us! For Publishing Your Public Record!"

  1. Yeah, your sources are wrong. It wasn’t a chair (he knocked that away). He got kicked in the face by one of those two women he was in the altercation with.

  2. Is this the guy who raped and murdered Candace Rough Surface?

  3. I like to shut his other eye too

    • Time and place mf lets see you do it gos for you and the pussys fake rappest and child molesters. Thats prolly what you are to bitch boy. I live north side springfield not hard to find!!

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