James L. Meister, The Controlling Man Who Snitched His Way Out Of Prison! BEWARE!

Meet James Meister

You may know James here as the local “handy man who doesn’t know how to fix shit” according to one email we received.

Hell you may know him from being that “creepy guy that use to tow cars”.

Maybe you know him from “ask his soon to be ex-wife, dude it a complete nut case, read the ops and divorce”.

What we know him from though is his attempt to “burn down his own basement”, because of a “massive insurance policy”.

Funny thing about that one though is Mr. Meister here walked free, while his co-defendant went to prison for a long time…

So back in August of 2012 Mr. Meister was associating with a convicted Cop Killer (Ronald Edwards) and another local man (Cory Galloway).

Central Illinois authorities at the time also suspected Edwards and Cory Galloway, 29, had been involved in a series of local ATM thefts, charges where later filed.

The Sangamon County states attorney’s office eventually  charged Edwards with burglarizing and setting fire to a five-unit apartment complex at 846 N. Seventh St. on Oct. 28., 2012 The fire destroyed the building, displacing its lone occupant.  In addition, Galloway and another man, James L. Meister were charged with setting an arson fire at 2100 E. Monroe St. Aug. 26, 2012.

According to Police in January of 2013 Mr. Meister started getting nervous about the “fire”.

Sounds a little guilty there eh?

Well a month later….

Arrested and jailed!

Mr. Meister’s bail was set at $250,000! For obvious reasons he sat in jail for some time.

In March of 2013 his bail was reduced to $125,000.

In July of 2013 his bail was reduced to $75,000. A Docket Entry was made that read “his is the Court’s last reduction. ”

In February of 2014 his bail was reduced to $5,000. WAIT A MINUTE…

Bond was posted three days later and the case was dismissed 20 days after that…. Does anyone else smell something fishy?

Oh thats right shortly after his co-defendant was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Does anyone else smell the bacon?

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12 Comments on "James L. Meister, The Controlling Man Who Snitched His Way Out Of Prison! BEWARE!"

  1. Snarky McSnark | September 6, 2017 at 5:19 am | Reply

    Not doubting he was involved, but it sounds kinda like the entirety of the State’s case was based on testimony from convicted and incarcerated felons. If this guy’s record is somewhat clean, that’s a weak case. Figure in an election year and this fella walks so it’s not chalked as a loss to a DA seeking re-election. It’s not about justice, it’s about staying in power and more importantly, making money.

  2. https://www.gofundme.com/gun-doctor-on-the-go

    This guy never stops ! How do you pay back a anonymous payment of $100 hummm

  3. James it would probably be best you say nothing , every time you talk we learn more about you, and to tell you the truth it is pretty sickening , I don’t think you realize who all is following this

  4. sounds to me like he has secret desires of somebody go-FONDLING him in some chaps while he’s getting his ass spanked. where did this sex club meet? (Please say Hardees, please. The humor level will go the full 9000 if you say Hardees. I’ve seen booths of weirdos at hardees before and they all look like SSD recipients.)

  5. you know what else I think, after looking at your Country Clerk records, James? that YOU, and everyone you associate with, are all a bunch of little bitches who run your mouths and then run and cry for OP’s when the shtf. That’s what i think. A bunch of weirdo fucking pussy crybabies.

  6. So what is up with all the OP’s on file? You got a anger issue ?

  7. i love the way i put the truth on here and they delete what i posted

  8. Snarky McSnark | February 12, 2018 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    yeah, what ever came of the Special Needs BDSM Club, anyway? We never found out any more juicy deets about Meister Master and all his beeyatches. More info, SPFD EXP, come on man. Although we’ll settle for tits, as usual.

  9. Lol. He’s into BDSM? Typical creep. He was on Grindr trying to find “smooth young twinks that bottom only and are submissive.

    Lol although I am not, it was entertaining seeing his doodler.

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