Jalisa N. Sheppard COME ON DOWN!!!

Meet Jalisa N. Sheppard of Springfield!

Now Jalisa we said “Come On Down” not “Go Down!”…

Jalisa here has been submitted to our “The Dirty” section by multiple people over the last month. Several people reported seeing Jalisa on the infamous backpage selling “escort services”. A search over the backpage website resulted in us not finding a definite ad for her, but as we all know they girls don’t use their real name nor do they usually post face pictures. Our message to Jalisa is if are you selling the services like you are accused please stop before its too late!

Jalisa was also arrested in June for a “Theft” Case in which she pled guilty and agreed to pay restitution in the amount of $450.00 plus a fine/court costs of an additional $420.  She did though pay it off completely with her bail money and received 6 months of supervision.

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2 Comments on "Jalisa N. Sheppard COME ON DOWN!!!"

  1. Alicia Kunz Brandy Standage

  2. I used to work with her . Would have never guessed .

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