JACQUELINE BURNES Back In The Courthouse News, Testifies She is “Workin Wit Da Police”!


We featured her in our stories Remember Jacqueline Burnes !?!? & BEWARE Escort Robbery!? – JACQUELINE BURNES AKA JACKY BURNES!!!.

Yesterday in Order of Protection Court Ms. Burnes testified that she was “Workin Wit Da Police” in relation to her child’s father being arrested by the Springfield Police last week. Ms. Burnes told Honorable Judge Davis that because Andrew A. Elem’s (child’s father) bond was so low she was scared for her life when he bonds out because she had told the police information about his crime.

This is rather interesting Ms. Burnes has a pending felony case (2015-CF-000230) in Sangamon County for Aggravated Battery which she testified in court was in relation to CHILD ABUSE and her kids were in DCFS custody because of it. Listen here though she had a Status hearing on December 3rd, 2015, on that day the case was set for Plea Hearing 12/16/15 at 10:00 AM before the Honorable Judge Graves. Andrew A. Elem allegedly is in jail for a December 2nd, 2015 case (2015-CF-001231), the same case Ms. Burnes stated she was working with the police on. Kind of fishy here Ms. Burnes…

Also in court Judge Davis asked Ms. Burnes what she did for a living… Sadly she didn’t say she was an escort, or an escort who sets clients up to be robbed. She stated to the court she is unemployed and uses her money from Everest College to survive.

We will keep you posted!


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