Jacksonville Nurse Caught Being A Bust Down

This night Jessie Ross of Jacksonville left her 5 kids was home alone while she took off work at aperian health as a nurse to go bust down for 3 dude’s wish could of got the video with them all she is a worthless mom and drops her pants for a dime!!

Damn – R

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9 Comments on "Jacksonville Nurse Caught Being A Bust Down"

  1. What? (In my little jon voice)

  2. This is about me. I left my ex because of his drug use and he started beating on me. Now he is making it his mission to make me lose my job, tarnish my name, and make everyone hate me. Way to go springfield for giving abusers the upper hand.

  3. I find this funny being you and the kids where at my house that night Brian Wallace your such a child

  4. Yes Brian Wallace, the owner of 5R’s construction. Continues to harass me because once I found his meth pipe and was tired of him cheating. Now he calls names, makes up lies and conatantly manipulates people to get them to believe what he wants. This is what happens when you try to leave an abuser

  5. What the fuck ….what a fuckin douchebag

  6. Officer Mike R | December 4, 2017 at 5:33 pm | Reply

    Jessie Ross I know Mr.Wallace personally. And I will stick up for him and say he is a stand up guy. He never beat you so be honest, if he did you would of had him arrested do to the fact you had the cops at your residence weekly over your drama! And if you know Brian posted it then press charges! If you can’t then maybe you should leave his name out of it because those words you speak are a complete ligit slander lawsuit if he seen it..

  7. Jessie Ross, don’t worry about what anyone thinks or what he tries to do. Anyone who knows you, KNOWS you don’t do shit but work and take care of your kids. You aren’t a bar fly, a hoe, nor anything else besides a great mother to your kids that you get NO HELP with whatsoever. Let him try to play his shitty, childish ass games and take the higher road. Letting him see you get upset about it, only gives him gratification. Being your neighbor, I know the truth. You keep what you’re doing, because those kids would have nothing without you. It’s their opinions of their mother that matter, not some petty ass dude that is trying to find anyway in that he can get. He’s mad you moved on and he can’t use you and live off of you rent free anymore. Keep your head up, your future got so much brighter after he was gone and will.only continue to get better. I’m glad you have a Happy family now

  8. Smutr.com
    Local taking it raw.

  9. Hahahah Josh that tat says it all on that site!! She always has been a nasty ass chick sleeping around like a dog in heat!! #nastywithherlipstoherknees

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