Jacksonville Illinois T.H.O.T’S??

Every now and then we would get things submitted to us from Jacksonville Illinois. Today a rather interesting video was sent to us from a local young man from Jacksonville.

Welcome to 2016, now one can share their feelings about others to the masses with the power of social media.

What is your opinion of video like this? Do they help at all? There is a lot of ways you can argue either direction.

So who are these alleged THOTS? Lets Tag them we’d love to talk to them and get their side! Who knows for all we know these could be the future “Escort Exposed” girls…

Please Contact Justin McGee on Facebook for a copy of the video. The video has been removed from our webservers at the request of our legal team. Sorry 🙁

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83 Comments on "Jacksonville Illinois T.H.O.T’S??"

  1. Looks like a bunch of beautiful, young girls, not THOTS. these girls all look under the age of 18, adults shouldn’t be shaming them online IMO

  2. I’d be pretty pissed if one of these girls were my daughter posted on here for what reason? Damn near all of them appear well under the age of 18.

  3. Actually reports are coming in several are over 18. Some with multiple kids.

    • You were lied to. Nome of these girls are 18 or older and none of them have kids. I know all of them.

    • This video has an image of my daughter who is under the age of 18, as well as several of the other girls in that video. Unless you want to have papers from my lawyer for slander and libel for this I would simply suggest you remove it. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss this further.

  4. It’s just some prepubescent little girls taking selfies. I don’t see the point here at all

  5. This story isn’t the usual. These girls are young girls in their parents homes. Idk but doesn’t seem ok. Looks to me like somebody can’t get a girl n has issues so they made a video and sent it to you.

  6. I don’t agree with this posting at all….these girls are young…not deserving of this social media bullying attempt at all…I say take it down!

  7. You wanna find some thots…. Go to the depot on a Friday night

  8. Well I know for a fact one is way under 18. And since when does having children make you a THOT?

  9. Ok so just because some guy sent you a video claiming that these (girls) are hoes you go and post this? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

  10. What makes them thots? Some look 12!!! If any of those girls were my daughter the person to make this would come up missing!!

  11. Do you have any proof of the behavior of these girls? If you don’t all you have are the selfies they’ve taken and YOU have placed a label on them. Shame on you!!!

  12. This is ridiculous…these girls seem so young and they probably deal with enough bullying without this site adding to it! Someone needs to grow up! Mug shots vs. a selfie on fb is a huge difference!

  13. Our position on the video is how one person can impact the masses by a simple social media post. These kind of things didn’t happen 10 years ago. The debate here is on how social media changes how people express their feelings.

  14. These look like underage girls who probably get enough criticism from other girls their age and don’t need a social media web page to do the same. I like after you receive all the negative criticism you switch this to an “informational debate” and the impact social media has. I would be extremely pissed if one of these girls was my relative or child. This page as went from exposing to bullying. Whoever is behind this page clearly has no life since they make it their priority to ruin others.

    • The debate never changed take a look at the original story… it’s a two part debate my friend.

    • I did. Before you changed it.
      If that was the case, why couldn’t you do a story without sharing the video and exclaiming “TAG WHO YOU KNOW!”

    • And the “tag who you know” is a simple attempt for us to make contact with anyone featured. We love to know both sides of every story.

    • Maybe I missed the debate part then when I originally read it. Even still, wanting to get the story of young girls who haven’t even finished school is pointless. They should be focused on school not explaining their actions or lack of.

    • Several of the girls who may appear young are actual young adults in college or just graduating high school.

      • You’re full of shit. These girls are under aged junior high. My daughter and her friends are on this bc some little punk can’t get any so he wants to be a little bitch. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to slander something that is not true. Take this shit down. I’ll be contacting my lawyer first thing on the morning

        • We welcome your feedback. Please have your lawyer contact us, that is after he tells you it isn’t slander, then he advises you of the Federal EDA that protects one when sharing user generated content. Thank you.

          • I will, it is not protected user generated content under the FEDA when it is, minor children who are unknowingly published Without a parents permission. It is also slander when you call a video Jacksonville thot’s which is another word for whore and it’s untrue. Slander is when you intentionally make false statements that damage someones reputation. You sound like a reasonable person who simply wants his minor blog to get somewhere so you posted a video to piss people off, well you succeeded. I have also contacted **** and their in house counsel as well as the content manager is on the phone now. Remove it or I’ll make a move to have them shut it as well as seek damages.

          • We have over 30,000 unique visitors a day. This video did absolutely nothing for us in terms of traffic count. As you may know bandwidth isn’t cheap, so naturally if this video would have been a big success it would have been costly for us. We did not label the video you will have to speak to the user who created the video about its label. Slander is when you make verbal statements, not written. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

          • Not that your threats mean anything to us. Our General Manager had already been notified on others concerns and ordered the video to be removed. Naturally on a Sunday Evening he was not directly available at first complaint. Likewise no House Counsel is available at 9PM on a Sunday Either ;). We have issued the following statement in regards to the video removal “Please Contact Justin McGee on Facebook for a copy of the video. The video has been removed from our webservers at the request of our legal team. Sorry 🙁 “

      • Reveal yourself you fucking punk. I hope you have a daughter that gets called a thot and a hoe. This page needs shut the fuck down. Better hide behind your computer bitch. You are gonna have alot of enemy’s! Future escorts? 90% of them are under age 16!!!!! Pervert!

      • None of these girls are your adults some are still in turner Jr. High and others are freshmen and sophomores why don’t you get your shit straight

  15. This guys a douchebag straight out the box..

  16. For the record: several of these young ladies are laughing and agreeing to the young man’s original post on his own page. Welcome to 2016

  17. Who’s buissnies is this? Not the worlds. In matter of fact it’s no ones. I am one of these girls in here and half of these girls are 12-13 and I know for fact that they are already depressed about it. So why would an adult go post it so the whole world can see it? So they can kill themselves? If that’s why you are fucking ridiculous. It’s nobody’s right to be worrying about what is girls look like, what age they lost there virginity, or who they date/talk to. The little boy who made this is 13 and honestly I find it funny at the fact he took hours to make this because of what other people think of us girls. So yeah welcome to fucking 2016 when girls are wanting to kill themselves because of dumbasses like you.

  18. What’s the point of exposing these ladies? Yea so they had sex with more than one person… so what that don’t make u a thot!! Let’s expose some of there’s state workers stealing our tax dollars!!!

  19. I’ve got news for all of you these girls are junior high. My daughter is one on here. She is 13. I’d suggest this be removed!

  20. These are all children. Can you imagine what they are going through? Most of them in junior high school. You’re calling a bunch of children whores?? Seriously.

  21. Wendy Tedrow-Conkrite

  22. These girls that r in these videos were not posing for this video. These were selfie they posted on fb. None of these girls r laughing about being on here. These girls r mostly 13-15. This is stupid and should b taken off of here. The administration and cops have been notified. I hope the boys who did this get in trouble. Would u all like your pictures on this shit.

  23. Who is this little shit stains dad? He needs his teeth knocked down his throat!

  24. This needs taken down!!! My daughter is not a damn Thot!! She’s a sweet 15 yr old girl and this should never have been posted in fb specially here!!!

  25. Keith mcneece | January 3, 2016 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    I am telling you my daughter is one of those girls and she is not a Thot if you don’t take this video down by tommorow morning I will have my family lawyer contact your retarded asses

  26. Lucky my child isn’t on there…

  27. I am from Jacksonville, and a few of these selfies I can clearly tell were taken in the locker rooms/halls of our jr and high school. Yes i can name a few of these girls I know for a fact that are 18+. But most aren’t and have no right to be on here. Your “slogan” at the top of this page reads “Real citizens, Real problems”, the only real problem you are showing here is you yourself. This post is nothing but slander by a source you do not know personally about girls that are under the age of 18. Do you know these girls? Can you yourself point out what makes them “THOTS”? One of these girls happens to be my cousin. Does she have a child, yes. Is she under the age of 18, yes. But you said up above in these comments that you never said having a child makes them a “THOT”. I am appalled by this video, and the actions you have taken with it. Assuming that you, the creators, of this page are adults then you should have better morals than to post a video like this submitted to you. Just imagine if your daughter or son was posted in a video on a page like this. This is not an “informational debate” this is part of the problem with social media.

    • We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for clarifying for everyone some of the wonders of age. Please find a dictionary and look up “slander”. Please also don’t assume we don’t “personally” know our sources. Thank You

  28. My daughter is one of these girls. She has sever depression and now is in her room threatening to harm herself due to this. Please God take it down!!!!! Do u want to be the cause of ab14 yr oldes suiside because some boy took pictures from these girls own fab pages and made a fucked up post, now all these girls are put on here for nothing!!! These are children. We know them all they are not 18 with several kids they are 13-15 !! I swear to go if my daughter hurts herself because of this public shaming and bullying and harassment I will have your asses!!! TAKE IT DOWN!!!!!

  29. There’s no reason to put these kids up like this. You have no idea what your are doing to these girls. Do you want to come talk to my daughter? Do you wanna see what this is doing to her?? Real citizens real problems my ass this is bullying. Kids kill themselves over this shit. Do u not care???? This isn’t right!!! What would you think if it was your child??? How would you feel??? This is not any kind of news story. This is some high school boy spreading lies and bullshit!! Adults are supposed to protect children from this you are exploiting them for nothing but your own gain, meanwhile you have girls crying and being upset and God know what else because of this!!

  30. I seen it and I will be calling my lawyer tomorrow

  31. This is rediculous! I can’t believe your even passing on a video with minor girls. Half of them are probably in junior high.

  32. Ya seen that now it needs to b deleted from here

  33. Video Credit on This User Submission Video is on the story.

    • It still shouldnt be posted several of those girls are 13yr olds n VIRGINS!! This is bullying a child!! Its one thing to fuck with adults but these r children! Rather they laughed about it or not doesnt mean the shit isnt affecting them! shit like this is what leads to teen suicide smh

  34. Justin has removed it from his Facebook after a relative was made aware and made him take it down. Now, hopefully others will stop sharing this bullshit. My 13 year old daughter is on there and I’m hoping her dad doesn’t find out because he is completely insane and would probably hurt someone over this. This is why this shit shouldn’t be posted and shared.

  35. Better check out Austin mcdade he has videos too

  36. I cannot seem to find the guy who has the video. So Justin McGee please contact me. Thanks in advance

  37. Our General Manger has removed the video and issued the following statement “Please Contact Justin McGee on Facebook for a copy of the video. The video has been removed from our webservers at the request of our legal team. Sorry :(“

  38. America. Where you bitch until you get what you want.

  39. So you reveal your sources when it’s convenient and post his name? I in no way agree with what was done but you claim you keep sources confidential and I am sure this child believed that to be true. He is a young kid who did something very stupid, as young kids do. You are allegedly adults who chose to show a video of minors and even state they may be the next Exposed Escort. Shame on you.

  40. Your legal team can’t help you here….your standardized defense reply of “user submitted content” will not hold; your screwed and I hope you get shut down.

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