Jack Skaggs Convicted Of Rape Again Faces Up To 120 Years Behind Bars, Seeks New Trial..

Meet Jack Skaggs

Mr. Skaggs has been behind bars in the Sangamon County Jail since 11/11/2012, at a cost of around $82,000 just for his housing.

On September 2nd, 2015 Mr. Skaggs was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Mr. Skaggs represented himself after several warnings by the court not to move forward on his own without counsel, now he wants a lawyer after his conviction.

On 09/25/2015 the court received correspondence from Mr. Skaggs to his Judge and called him in for a hearing the same day. “The Court has received correspondence from the Defendant. Defendant is admonished of his right to have a lawyer appointed. The Public  Defender’s Office is appointed as a straight appointment. Defendant’s  Motion for Extension of Time to file for a New Trial is granted.  Defendant is given 60 days continuance to file Motion for a New Trial.  The Court date of November 3, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. remains set as a status.”

November 3, 2015 was set to be Mr. Skaggs sentencing date, now it has been switched to a Status Hearing and the Judge ordered the Public Defenders Office to represent Mr. Skaggs.

In 2000 Mr. Skaggs was convicted of rape and was sentenced to 6 years in prison for it. On Jan. 27, 2000 a jury found Mr. Skaggs guilty of criminal sexual assault for raping his 27-year-old former fiancee a year earlier. When the jury left to deliberate at 4:45pm Mr. Skaggs was present, but when the jury returned at 10:00pm Mr. Skaggs wasn’t in the courtroom. Free on bond before and during the trial, he skipped the verdict and was arrested hiding in a bathroom at a house in Athens the next day.

This time Mr. Skaggs is behind bars in the Sangamon County Jail on a revoked bond, his bond was previously set at $250,000 which he never posted.

We will update you on the status of this case if he is granted a new trial, or what his sentencing becomes.


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