Its “The Dirty Time Springfield IL Edition” meet Nicole Cumby/Pryor

Good Morning Springfield Exposed!

Today we are bringing you our first ever “Expose” on what we will be referring to as “The Dirty”.

Do you know someone (guy or girl), that is just out there? Nasty as can be? A Pure Nightmare? Want to Expose them to the rest of the area so hopefully you can save someone else the headache you unfortunately had to deal with? Then email us at with your story!

Today we bring you the first ever Dirty Post, Springfield meet Nicole Cumby or Nicole Pryor or Nikki or Nikole however she feel like spelling it today.


Hey girl, cut down on the tanning…

Nikole here is one of a kind guys. She will tell you all kinds of stories, but also send you naked pictures within a few days (if you even want to see them, puke!).

What we have figured out is in the last few years she has had a rough divorce with her ex-husband who she was tied down to for years, so now she’d going buck wild full speed ahead!

Sources tell us that in the last 6 months, they know of at least 30 guys personally she has been with. One being one of her married bosses at her job! Rut Roh!!!!

Speaking of her Job, we received an email from a source stating she is currently being investigated for violating HIPPA Laws (She is a Pharmacy Technician For Walmart). Allegedly on more than one occasion the source stated that Nikole shared personal information about customers medications. They stated the alleged violation happened when Nikole drunkly at a bar told everyone about someone’s medical condition. We reached out to Walmart Market Manager Susan Farr for comment, at the time of this posting no comment had been returned.

A source very close to Nikole stated “Don’t touch that hoe with your worst enemies dick, condoms wont even help I’m sure what she has will eat threw the latex!” “She will tell you don’t worry about a condom, since she is on the Marana, wear two instead!”

Our conclusion on this young lady. She’s lonely and she just wants to have fun! She’s been tied down for many years, and now she wants to have some fun. Drunk hoes run their mouths at bars it happens.

BEWARE GUYS! You don’t need this type of crazy in your life!

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7 Comments on "Its “The Dirty Time Springfield IL Edition” meet Nicole Cumby/Pryor"

  1. Her ex has lived in texas and not been in springfield for Years other than brief visits….which she lied to him and become pregnant by the second child..she has lived in her parents basement for years…..

  2. I lived in her neighborhood for 6 years- around 10 years ago. This girl was caught having a gangbang in her parents house. She had a different guy over every weekend and was known to suck and fuck everyone who would show her attention.

  3. She's easy like a Sunday morning | March 8, 2016 at 2:41 am | Reply

    I like her teeth it’s like a pair of dentures that don’t fit….hell I take bitches like this to parties with me…keeps me from haven to put out …hey guys I brought the engine now ride that choochoo

  4. I know this girl and none of this stuff is true. She has her own home, she is a Walmart pharmacy tech, she’s a mother of two, she works hard and she’s dated the same guy for the last 6 months. you all just want to have someone to talk about…

  5. Excuse me my correction she’s been with her man for a year in febuary

  6. id fuck her, hell i woulda been in the gangbang, who doesnt love a dirty slut

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