Its A Good Old Dirty, Nasty Fickas Poll!

Remember Brandi Fickas? From Who Is Brandi Fickas!?Self Admitted Local Hooker – Brandi L. Fickas EXPOSED!!!, or Remember Brandi Fickas!?!? Interesting FOLLOWUP Coming Very Soon!!! ? I mean come on her posts have been shared THOUSANDS of times, the entire city knows who this “Hooker” is.

As we are working on the story Remember Brandi Fickas!?!? Interesting FOLLOWUP Coming Very Soon!!! an interesting question has come up, so we decided to do a Poll!

Who here knows Brandi’s Sister Samantha A. Fickas??

So as we are working on the followup and how Ms. Fickas plays a role in the local Escort Market we wanted to do the following poll.

Share & Vote!!

Have You Slept With The Dirty Nasty Fickas Family Girls?

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51 Comments on "Its A Good Old Dirty, Nasty Fickas Poll!"

  1. Samee Fickas Brandi Fickas

  2. Damn this page loves yall Brandi Fickas Samee Fickas lol

  3. Why r u putting Sam out their like that she is a mother of 3 girls and works her ass off as a cna to support her family

  4. Ashley Marie Clenin Alicia Clenin look they talking about Sam now

  5. 40 votes already saying they paid for Brandi Fickas !!

  6. I don’t know either of these girls but how is this exposing anyone? It’s allowing people to make fun of someone on a “media outlet” with baseless claims of sleeping with a person or persons. How is dirty nasty family a fact? I wish any real news outlet would use a phrase like that, it would be a joke. Springfieldexpesed, ok you have successful exposed them so move on to the next topic of the week. Board of seeing the same content over and over.

  7. Tricia Brown isn’t that you’re step sister’s

  8. I can’t believe anyone actually admitted to sleeping with that hooker! IF you voted that you slept with her let me help you out with the address to public health so you can get tested. 2833 South Grand Ave East.

    STD Clinic Hours:

    Monday 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Walk In
    Wednesday 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Appointment Only
    Friday 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Walk In
    Friday 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Appointment Only

    STD treatment available without an appointment. Call (217) 535-3102 for an appointment.

  9. its all good cause this shit bout to get shut the fuck down calling police

  10. its all good getting took care of

  11. know what fuck u find some real shit to expose like how u wanna sleep with these people

  12. now call me a lier cause got text messages from u aww now what ?

  13. Feel sorry for Sammy.

  14. aww no comment huh

  15. who are u mrs R

  16. cant put a real name ?

  17. Chris Browning is this ur sister

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