It’s A Dirty, Nasty, No Good, Deadbeat, Poll Time!!!

We haven’t done a poll in awhile, lets get some reader interaction.
Amber Hoskins on the left, Cassandra Lusardi on the right.

Both girls have been submitted multiple times for multiple reasons! If you have anything to share about either one send us an email at .

Elsewise vote below on who you think should be the first to be EXPOSED!

Who Should Be Next On Springfield IL Exposed "The Dirty" Edition!?

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20 Comments on "It’s A Dirty, Nasty, No Good, Deadbeat, Poll Time!!!"

  1. I don’t know either of them so I can’t help.

  2. Post their previous stories so we can help by voting, please!

  3. Wish you would have done stories on the other girls in your last poll.

  4. When tf is this stupis story gunna be posted?! Can’t wait to see what all u sad fucks got to say bout either one of us! Hurry on with it!!!

  5. Ohh ur cool w all that name calling but i c my comments have disappeared! Cant take the heat huh u little kid raper…

  6. Dirty no good abusive mom.

  7. I know her cassy i mean

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