Its 2 Years In Prison For Stealing A Can Of Redbull From Walgreens! – Nicole Glasscock

NicoleGlasscockRemember Nicole Glasscock from #UPDATE Nicole Glasscock Released For Treatment! ,WANTED FUGITIVE ALERT – Nicole R. Glasscock!! Read For Details!!! , & Guys You Are Safe… Nicole Glasscock Is Still In Jail! ?

Well she plead gulity on that Probation Violation for stealing a can of Redbull from Walgreens…

Cause called for hearing on Petition to Revoke Probation. Defendant confesses to Paragraph 4B of said Petition and pursuant to negotiations the Defendant is hereby sentenced to 2 years Illinois Department of Corrections, 1 year Mandatory Supervised Release and credit for 121 days served. Probation is revoked/terminated unsuccessfully. Sentence to run concurrent with sentences in 15CF907, 15CF908, 15CF909, 15CF910.

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5 Comments on "Its 2 Years In Prison For Stealing A Can Of Redbull From Walgreens! – Nicole Glasscock"

  1. DrunkenDave Detzburg | August 20, 2016 at 6:46 am | Reply

    too bad she didnt steal two, she could drink the other one now and fly the fuck over the prison wall. 😀

  2. Good! She is a fucking waste. And her twins dad, Daniel lomprez just got 4 years, I hear. So the streets of Springfield are safe from them for a while anyway. But they will be back, and back at it as soon as they get out, I’m sure.
    Their poor kids, smh

  3. Screw u ppl change an we aren’t bad people an guess what I’m still clean

  4. She loves cock!

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