It Is A Nasty “Roach” Kind Of Day! – Ashley Nicole Roach

Meet Ashley Nicole Roach.

Boy does that Roach Family (<— Click For Previous Stories) get around!

What is Ashley’s Story? Alleged Escort In Decatur, Moved back to Springfield to only step up the game according to sources.

We received a picture of a Valtrex bottle with her name on it, Rut Roh!

Criminal History wise what is her story?

Arrested 3/24/2015 for Misdemeanor Retail Theft.
Arrested 7/30/2012 for Misdemeanor Theft.
Arrested 4/28/2010 for Misdemeanor Battery.

Not too bad though, but what is her story? Why are we constantly receiving emails on this lady? What is she doing to upset so many people in this town!?

Throw your Ashley stories in the comments below or email us!

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22 Comments on "It Is A Nasty “Roach” Kind Of Day! – Ashley Nicole Roach"

  1. Ashley Nicoledimples Roach

  2. Jason Felts Amanda Browning


  4. Erika Sarna that’s right wasn’t your childs father on here?

  5. Lhh this is all brandi fickas being miserable im def clean n dnt gt shit all i do is wrk n take care of ny kids

  6. Ashley Nicoledimples Roach Brandi HA! Fuck that Hooker lol

  7. Ashley Nicoledimples Roach funny though she said that exact same line when she was on here…

  8. She a scary ass Bitch she called the law on me cuz i slapped her

  9. God damn, some skeezy bitches around here.

  10. So you’re assaulting people but supposedly taking care of your kids??? Great mother.. That’s setting a good example for the kids. ..

  11. Wow. Idk about these ppl

  12. Stupid question but what’s valtrex?

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