Inmates Sleeping On The Floor At The Sangamon County Jail!?

Click Here To Read the Official Bed Count From the SCSO!
The Sangamon County Jail is built to hold 314 Inmates according to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

From our calculations there are 295 Beds in the Sangamon County Jail. All the cells except 4 in the booking area are designed for single inmate use. That means clearly inmates are forced to sleep on the concrete floor.

In recent years the Illinois Department of Corrections Jail & Detention Standards Unit has cited the County for its over crowding, but nothing has been done to increase capacity.

This is not only an issue in Sangamon County, other nearby counties are experiencing similar issues, but are reacting differently.

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43 Comments on "Inmates Sleeping On The Floor At The Sangamon County Jail!?"

  1. Its jail, don’t like sleeping on floors don’t break the law.

  2. Good. Fuck em. Do they expect a California king?

  3. Mason county does this on a regular

  4. I didn’t know they did it any other way?!?

  5. If the dumbasses weren’t getting into trouble, then there wouldn’t be an overcrowding issue. Let them sleep on the floor or they can sleep together. Who cares.

  6. Oh by all means give them the best they deserve it. Bring back the chain gang.

  7. FYI they have mats so I guess if you don’t want to sleep on concrete or a mat don’t go to jail simple

  8. Good. Let them sleep on the floor.

  9. Criminal or not everyone is a human. Making people sleep on a cold ass concrete floor is pretty shitty.

    • True story though. Just cuz people mess up doesn’t mean they need to be treated inhumane.

    • I was looking for someone to post something about just bcoz a person is in jail, that doesn’t make them deserve to sleep on floors. My son was in there and slept on the floor for 21 days and woke up every morning with bug bites all over his body. Anyone could end up there for a traffic violation such as driving on revoked. But if that’s the only way to get to work, what’s a person to do? I’d bet 35% of people driving are on revoked and 50% have no insurance.

  10. I was still drunk when I was on jail I just slept sitting up….

  11. Yea being in jail sucks whether it’s a concrete slab or a concrete floor hell I wasn’t comfortable on a metal bunk. Never wanted to be comfortable in jail just wanted to fuckin go home. Unless they would put me in a cell with Jasen Manuel. I would probably enjoy a few days locked in a cell with that bitch.

  12. It’s been like that for years, stop arresting people for stupid shit!

  13. I used to work in the jail.. Whoever said what do they expect, a california king, was right on!!! Nearly every inmate I encountered had a huge sense of entitlement.. Except the ones that actually felt guilty for what they did. The majority, didn’t. There were a few though that did and you could tell by their behavior. They had 3 meals a day, somewhere to sleep, TV and gym privileges, dental and medical taken care of. The list goes on and on.. Which is way better accommodations then people living on the street. They are in there for a reason. They should be happy with they have. Way to go Warden Beck, for changing that place as much as he has. It’s not a hotel. It’s jail.

  14. People shouldn’t do the things they do

    • there are innocent people in jail you know

    • Yes, like my son going to probation meeting and being told he had warrant out for him. Took 4 hrs for them to figure out it was the wrong person. They finally.pulled up the person’s mug shot and it was not my son, so they let him go. No sorry wrong person or anything. You’d think probation, since it’s in the county bldg would have access to mug shot data base.

  15. Was like that 10 years ago lol.

  16. But what happened to innocent until proven guilty. They need to get these people in court and determined if innocent or guilty and move them on. I heard they get 100.00 a day for each inmate which makes me think they are in no hurry to get them out of there. Thats why they are over crowded. I know last winter when we had extreme cold temperatures the inmates only had one blanket until the warden was called and they got another blanket. The guards were in coats and gloves. Everyone talks about 3 meals a day which they only get two meals. Tv etc etc. And i know for a fact that one meal they had maggets in there food. Wtf. Innocent until proven guilty.

  17. Ok its a fed law that ppl sleep 6″ off the floor understand this tho for all the dumb mfs really saying dont like it don’t go to jail well what about the many ppl who were wrongfully accused did they deserve to sleep on a floor until they were found not guilty you mfs amaze me with this shit

  18. Lot of ignorant folks on here. The county jail isn’t just full of convicted criminals. Many have yet to have their day in court and many will be found innocent and be set free. So the point is what about those truly innocent folks that got temporary wrongfully locked up???? It could happen to you or even your grandma. And what about human compassion? Folks now days have no heart or a soul it seems. No wonder america is so fkd and spiralling down the drain.

  19. They get a mat it’s not like they are sleeping on the concrete.


  21. Fuck that sue they asses I did it once I will do I again

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