In Memory Of Michelle “Nelra” Broomfield, Rest In Peace Video

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4 Comments on "In Memory Of Michelle “Nelra” Broomfield, Rest In Peace Video"

  1. RIP sad crying for someone I dont know but I feel the hurt!!!

  2. This is beyond heart breaking. It’s sad when anger,,, greed,,selfishness takes a life. Especially a life of a beautiful person that was loved by so many. I’m not only saddened by this but also angry. You young guys & girls wanta be in the streets ,,thinkn & acting like there’s no consequences to your actions when there is. This is the result of your ignorance. You took a life from a mom,,,children,, sister,,brother,,aunts,,uncles,, cousins,,nieces,,nephews,,friends. You took this beautiful woman’s life & cheated her & all of the ones that loved her from enjoying the things we are suppose to. Like waking up every morning. It your ignorance that caused so much pain & emptiness. It is your ignorance that keeps the violence running like water in our streets & homes. Instead of picking up a gun, pick up a book,,job ap. Be something other then what u have become. I didn’t know this young lady. But from what i can see she is very loved & she will be truly missed. My heart,,thoughts & prayers go out to all that loved her. To the ones that caused this, , u will have to live with this burden,, regret for the rest of your life. Even if u ever get out of prison u will live in a prison u have incaged yourself in. Regret is the hardest prison u will ever live in.

  3. Ollivette Reeves | June 28, 2016 at 12:37 am | Reply

    Lord Let Michell rest in peace,
    Lord wrap your arms around her
    Mom,her Children and all of her
    Siblings.Lord whoever did this evil mess I Pray they get caught SOON!

  4. Rip big shell truly one of the real ones

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