Identify this idiot!!!

Can anyone identify this idiot?

This is what the woman who took this picture had to say about the incident:

“He drove up and tried to snatch my phone. He then parked at the corner of 6th and Stanford, left his daughter on the bike, and tried coming at me. I am glad to see that I am more concerned with his daughter’s safety than he is.”

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102 Comments on "Identify this idiot!!!"

  1. Curious why he tried to snatch your phone? Were you driving while using it?

  2. . Fam out here wildin

  3. Oh no ‍♂️….

  4. How are you more concerned when your taking a pic from behind you while driving js

  5. It’s not right on either part in my opinion js

  6. I’ve taken my kids on rides before!

  7. Isn’t it illegal to have the kid riding in the front of the bike?

  8. Labeled child abuse??? Cmon…maybe not the safest way to do it but cmon. Is that any safer than using your phone taking a picture of someone in your car while your daughter is in the back seat. Hypocrisy at its best

    • Thank goodness I’m not the only one who noticed this. Kid riding with parent on bike… parent trying to take photos while driving with kid in back seat. By paying more attention to her phone than the road, she’s increasing the danger to not only her kid but also to the kid she’s “so concerned” about.

    • See that’s what I was thinking. You put your daughter and his daughter in more danger. Let’s put her on blast shall we.

  9. Lauren Bodamer. Who does this look like to you?!

  10. Not sure why he tried to take your phone, but no respectable parent would risk taking a small child on a bike ride in the city. Keep your kid safe and go to a quiet country road. I would be livid if my kids were with an idiot on 6th on a bike… Were you taking the picture before or after he grabbed at your phone? Is that why you took a picture of him?

  11. This is perfectly legal and done by many riders.

  12. Using your phone while driving is not legal though.

  13. She has a helmet on.

    The driver of the car is endangering herself, her child , him he’s daughter and other motorist by taking his picture and not paying attention to the road. While he’s just going on a cruise on what looks like not a very busy street . And she made the street more dangerous than it had to

  14. I see this picture and the first 2 things I notice are:
    1. The child appears to be wearing a helmet.
    2. A dad spending quality time with his daughter.

    In my opinion kudos dad for being involved and at least trying.

  15. So. “Identify this idiot.” Are we referring to the guy with his kid on the bike, or to the person trying to use her phone to take pictures while driving… while her own kid is in the vehichle? She’s driving distracted which increases not only the danger to her own child but also to his and anyone else around her…

    • LMAO right. I also noticed no response to asking if he tried to take the phone because she was on it. Sounds to me someone didn’t like what they seen and in return made poor judgement.

  16. This is probably the most ridiculous thing this page has ever posted!

  17. If theyre gonna try to bust someone at least bust someone breaking the law lol. This is just because they dont agree. I think we should identify the girl taking the picture. She needs a ticket for this proof of distracted driving. She was the most dangerous thing in this photo

  18. I personally know of someone who had the cops called on them for doing this exact thing and nothing was done because its not illegal

  19. My dad used to take me on his bike allll the time! It’s called spending quality time with your child and doing something fun! Pull the stick out of your butt!!!

  20. “A passenger seat and a passenger footrest are both require on motorcycles that are carrying passengers. Motorcycle passengers in Illinois can be any age. ”
    That’s still illegal on that bike per this law. Not because the child is to small but because that’s not a proper passenger seat with foot rests

  21. I personally know this guy. He’s a good friend of mine, he’s far from a dirt bag. And I personally believe he’s a grate father to his daughter.

  22. Id also like to point out this is a Honda ruckus with about 300lbs on it. Its not even capable of going more than 30 or 35 mph

  23. This is the design of the bike. Her butt is on the seat and feet on the floor.

  24. Looks to me, she has a helmet, and she is secured between her fathers legs and arms, rather her ride on the front than the back! Maybe this is the only way the man has to transport his child! Tf is wrong with people so quick to judge off what you see and little off of what you know. How about who ever is driving taking the picture with a child in the back seat?

  25. Moral of the story here is you just exposed nick as a great dad who follows laws with clear foot rests and goes above and beyond by making sure his daughter has a helmet on and is secured firmly on the seat between his legs which you can see his knees almost touch the handlebars basically providing a roll cage for her.

  26. Yay maybe a lil crazy none the less but I remember riding like that on my dad’s Harley with a helmet as well being no older than 3 or 4. Sum parents chose that risk. Their choice as the parents. My dad NVR drove crazy jus cruised slowly around the blocks of my hometown n tx. Guess times changed and we’re all to busy n everyone else’s life n child rearing than to jus worry about ur own. Not shit u can do bout it but post a pic n shame him. Would this of happened 10 yrs ago?!? Nope woulda been considered cute …. If the kid got hurt not ur problem. I get the concern but like I said not shit U can do about it but shame shame shame call the cops if ur that offended and c wut they say.

  27. Fuck all the negativity. That kids probably havin the best time of their life thus far. If you’ve never rode in the back of a pickup growin up then keep up ur bullshit preachin (with no merit) to yourself but to this father kudos to you and keep doin what you’re doin. I’m sure that kid was all smiles when they parked the scoot home safe. Kid in the backseat prob Bitchin to her parents wanderin why she can’t do the same

  28. Steph would fall asleep not even a mile away from home when we took her for a ride she loved that dad took her in his bike

  29. Amanda birchard | June 21, 2017 at 8:37 am | Reply

    Wow petty ass people, he is doing nothing wrong.

  30. How did we ever survive

    Probably putting everyone else in more danger by taking this picture and not paying attention to the road .

  31. Gosh leave him alone, he is doing nothing wrong.

  32. Hypocrite much? Using a phone while driving: Illegal; Riding a small scooter through a neighborhood: Legal.

  33. Please don’t use Google. Here’s what you’d actually be charged with 625 ILCS 25/4. Look it up on for free! Regardless of your personal feelings towards parenting…it is illegal.

  34. Here is Illinois Law…
    (625 ILCS 25/4) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 1104)
    Sec. 4. When any person is transporting a child in this State under the age of 8 years in a non-commercial motor vehicle of the first division, any truck or truck tractor that is equipped with seat safety belts, any other motor vehicle of the second division with a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,000 pounds or less, or a recreational vehicle on the roadways, streets or highways of this State, such person shall be responsible for providing for the protection of such child by properly securing him or her in an appropriate child restraint system. The parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 8 years shall provide a child restraint system to any person who transports his or her child.
    For purposes of this Section and Section 4b, “child restraint system” means any device which meets the standards of the United States Department of Transportation designed to restrain, seat or position children, which also includes a booster seat.
    A child weighing more than 40 pounds may be transported in the back seat of a motor vehicle while wearing only a lap belt if the back seat of the motor vehicle is not equipped with a combination lap and shoulder belt.
    (Source: P.A. 95-254, eff. 1-1-08.)

  35. Scratch that….the 49cc Honda Rukus isn’t a motor vehicle. It’d be illegal if it were a motorcycle, but doesn’t apply to a “moped.” Good work Dad!

  36. That designates vehicles with a lap belt safety system from my understanding

  37. Recreational vehicle is referring to rvs and campers in this case as well. Not motorcycles.

  38. To each is own. I wouldn’t chance it with my child especially with these dumb fuck drivers.

  39. Scratch that….the 49cc Honda Rukus isn’t a motor vehicle. It’d be illegal if it were a motorcycle, but doesn’t apply to a “moped.” Good work Dad!

  40. Amber Ellora Clinton shouldnt be on her phone while driving I know that much is absolutely true

  41. In not even in Illinois right now nice try though lmao

  42. Jesse Garcilaso way to assume

  43. Well since you posted your daughters face in the pic anyone can click your profile and see thats her. Genius.

  44. Sweetheart that’s not my child. And its definitely no my car

  45. Pretty sure this is my car and this shows you what state I’m in. Do I need to take a picture in front on the Virginia state line for you ?? Lmao it might take a couple hours but I can do it. Lmfao

  46. Don Smith apparently I’m in Illinois already ? Did you see me because I didn’t even know I was there lol

  47. Nothing to say now Jesse Garcilaso ? Hmm didn’t think so.

  48. People are so fucking dumb I swear

  49. Authors name is Stu Padasso

    • Just so happens to be a Stu Padasso in Decatur. Married. Maybe took a trip into town and he or the wifey snapped this pic thinking they were being “good” and had a “gotcha” moment. 15 minutes of fame online. Instead turned out they were fucking idiots breaking the law not the good dad and his daughter.

  50. Is this site stealing my posts?

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