I Think That Pizza Is Going To Be A Little Wet & Over 30 Minutes Dominos!

Photo Taken on 9th Street in Springfield IL on 08/12/2016.

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29 Comments on "I Think That Pizza Is Going To Be A Little Wet & Over 30 Minutes Dominos!"

  1. Sad thing is, obviously you have 1 dumbass trying to go through it then the dumbass 2 behind you hits it. Guess they missed turn around and don’t drown that pizza

  2. Can’t tag him but the dominos car belongs to Ryan ryno ryder

  3. Elizabeth I winched out 4 completely under water last night. An got abandoned car after the water went down

  4. Maybe, just maybe, if you dont want to detroy your vehicle driving in a flood, you shouldnt ask other people to. I used to deliver. Money was great when the weather was bad, but making me drive in a flood or a blizzard or when the tornado sirens were going off just so your lazy ass could get a pizza….enough said.

  5. Our pizza took almost 2 hrs to get to us from down the Rd…

    • ….I sincerely hope you aren’t complaining. Nobody ever thinks of the delivery drivers. There could be 10 feet of snow on the road and people will still bitch and moan.

    • Not complaining in the least! Totally understood why it was late. Half the Rds in town were blocked off cuz of flooding. I feel bad for anyone who has to drive in bad weather especially if they aren’t used to driving in it. If we were upset about it, we would have bitched to get a refund or some sort. We still paid full price and gave dude extra tip than normal because of what he had to go thru for his job. Kudos to him for pushing thru!

  6. Was one of my drivers.

  7. This guys pizza was still in the back, my boss asked if he wanted his pizza back.

  8. This is my brothers car. This is not funny at all!! His car is totaled, he didn’t think any of the so called memes people are making are funny. What if this car was yours?? What if this person drowned?? What if he so happened to have his kid with him?? This is not a joke. You can barely see the water under a viaduct when it’s night time.

    Robin Rider Patton

  9. Why would he drive through it i mean common since tells u to turn around

    • Right now it doesn’t matter what he was thinking. He’s not from there, he’s been working there not even a year in Springfield so he don’t know what it’s like when it rains in Springfield, he never came close to floods like this. He did not know what it was like. I’m not going to ask him what the heck were you thinking cause I just thank god he’s okay.

  10. Bits it’s very sad that a lot of people has total loss on cars trailers trucks and was stuck in high water’s

  11. Deborah crocher | August 13, 2016 at 11:08 pm | Reply

    I love free trash bags.

  12. Former Domino's Employee | August 17, 2016 at 8:20 am | Reply

    From my understanding of what happened to Ryan, was that he saw the water and tried to back up, but the water was running down and screwed with his traction, so he couldn’t get backed out and essentially got flushed into the water.

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