How To Get Ahold of Jasen Manuele!?

So a few people have wrote into us asking how can to get ahold of Internet Gangsta Jasen Manuele. One man I quote “Fuck Calling the Police and States Attorney, I want to get ahold of him myself he keeps blocking me after he talks shit to me under his many damn fake accounts”.

Our friends over at the now closed 217 Stop Snitchn’ provided us with the following for your enjoyment.

JasenManueleBIRDSEYE JasenManueleFRONT

Now I couldn’t help but almost pass out laughing when I found out that Jasen really does live in his parents garage.

That’s Jasens “Apartment”…

We spoke to Jason Schroeder who is Jasen Parent’s Landlord. We asked him if he knew had that 217’s Infamous Internet Gansta as a sublet tenet in the garage. Mr. Shroeder wouldn’t give us an official comment for the story.

So If Jasen has blocked you on his 100’s of accounts, feel free to stop by and see him. Speaking of his 100’s accounts there is a story being posted here shortly helping to expose all these accounts so the community can know which ones to start blocking.

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