How To Get A Story Featured On REMOVED

So a lot of questions have came up since we did our interview with The Karly and Mikee Podcast and we briefly discussed how to get a story removed off

First thing you should refer to when seeking a removal is our Removal Policy. In the policy it tells you how to contact us and what to provide for a removal request.

Our management staff will respond to ALL removal requests within 48 Business Hours. Most stories can and will be removed with the simple request. ALL REMOVAL REQUESTS ARE WITHIN THE SOUND DISCRETION OF OUR MANAGEMENT STAFF. Pending Litigation will automatically equal a denial of removal request.

Furthermore ALL users should read our Terms Of Service. If you are not happy with our policy on removal you may seek an order from a Court of law pursuant to our Terms of Service.

Please do note that we store minimal details on our user submissions and for a short time frame. If you are considering pursuing legal action against a user submission story, please have your attorney contact us to ensure a preservation demand is given to us while you proceed with your John/Jane Doe lawsuit against the user.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email us!

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  1. how about just not reporting gossip from unknown sources????

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