How Many Calories Do You Eat A Day? 1800?

Take a look below at the Sangamon County Jail Week 1 Inmate Menu..
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The Illinois County Jail Standards required the jails to feed inmates 1800 Calories a day, three meals at regular intervals, and 1 of those 3 must be hot and well balanced.

We will be bringing to you soon how the above reference menu was only updated because of one inmates own investigation, when the old menu was full of errors and false numbers. The inmate also shows us how this menu is still wrong and how the county is actually not providing inmates with the required calorie counts. This goes to show how several inmates have reported severe weight loss after spending any amount of time in the Sangamon County Jail.

More to come in the future ;)…

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16 Comments on "How Many Calories Do You Eat A Day? 1800?"

  1. It’s jail. Not a hotel.

  2. Do you realize or ignore the fact that there are children, Veterans, the elderly and working poor families who do not get half of if what is listed on this inmate menu? Why are you so concerned with an inmates calorie intake? Walked the streets and ask the men who fought for our country for their weekly menu. Ask the poor and elderly for their weekly menu. You are called Springfield exposed. Why don’t you expose the real problems of Springfield? You have a chance to expose the reality and truth, but you complain about how much calories a convicted felon gets on a weekly basis? What a waste. You must be ashamed and embarrassed if you think this topic is exposing Springfield!

  3. Shaun N Carla Dawson I think you are greatly mistaken here… Inmates in County jails are not convicted. As we saw the other day some sit 6 months even and then found not guilty and sent home. Don’t be so quick to judge if you don’t know fully what your speaking.

  4. Shaun N Carla Dawson and as always Springfield Exposed is user submitted based publishing. If someone cared to submit the stories you portray in your comment they could end up being talked about. That has yet to happen, while this did.

  5. Oh, and underfed and sleeping on the floor? Try sleeping on a park bench when it’s below zero. Underfed? Try feeding a family of four when their father is working three different jobs to try to bring home enough money to buy a loaf of bread and lunch meat, hoping it will last until your next payday.

  6. Oh, I do know. Many sitting in county, are waiting for a bed to open in the very overcrowded IDOC, with convictions. So no, there are many convicted felons in county.

  7. Hmm maybe a new fat camp..haha. no sympathy from me. Maybe if jail really sucked, less people would end up there.

  8. Maybe we can leave a candy on there pillow at night?

  9. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t try so hard to get there.

  10. Last ti e i was in i was in 6 the little one in the corner with 3 of us and i was thw only one NOT SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR. And thats only cause i got there first

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