How Does The Spit Taste Jordan J. Monroe?? Little Dick Convicted Armed Robber In Trouble Again!

Good Evening Springfield!

Remember the Story Jordan Monroe Convicted Armed Robber Scared???


Well Nathan I will tell you for free its not were Jordan Lists on his FaceBook..


I highly doubt he is living in Panther Creek when he was arrested in 2010 before going to prison he was living in a trailer park…

So Jordan tell me why does Springfield hate you so much? Why can’t you even go to a restaurant without them wanting to cause harm to you? Why are people trying to hire hit men to get you?


Jordan here was arrested this year for Aggravated Battery/ Use of a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Damage To Property, he is currently out on bail fighting that case.
Click here to Read the FULL Police Report Around That Arrest!

Jordan though people can’t have so much hate for you just because of that… What did you do bro?

Lets take a look at Jordan’s Criminal History…

Jordan starting having a lot of police contact around  2009/2010 with a slew of traffic citations issued by various agencies around the county.

In January of 2010 he was charged with Misdemeanor Retail Theft from an incident in October of 2009.
In March of 2010 he was charged with Misdemeanor Obstruction of Justice and Misdemeanor Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor.
In May of 2010 Big Boy Jordan Got his first Felony Charge for Obstruction of Justice, and his criminal career skyrocketed from there.
In November of 2010 Jordan was Charged with Two Felony Counts of Armed Robbery and One Felony County of Aggravated Battery.
Click Here to Read the 2010 Police Report!

That November night started a long journey into the criminal justice system for Jordan here. Jordan was remanded to the Sangamon County Jail with a bond of $250,000 which he never posted. Jordan sat 217 days in the jail before he ultimately plead out to 5 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Jordan was housed in on of the Maximum Security Housing Units of the Sangamon County Jail where he learned the hard way to jail. As a skinny small white boy we heard he had a lot of fun.

Click Here to View Jordans Internal Affair Complaint!
In the above complaint it shows how much a fool Jordan Made of himself while in the jail. You’ll see Jordan tried to start a “hunger strike” in the jail which resulted in the jail moving him to a suicide watch unit where he was allegedly urinated on or close to. In Jordan’s complaint he stated he was escorted naked in the jail to a high risk cell were officers allegedly pointed at his male parts and said he was a disgrace to white guys.

In 2013 Mr. Monroe was released and low and behold caught another case. In September of 2013 he was charged with Felony Aggravated Unlawful Possession of A Stolen Vehicle, Felony Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Felony Criminal Damage To Property. He ended up pleading out to 1 Year in the Department of Corrections.

In 2014 Mr. Monroe was again released and again charged with more crimes. In October 2014 he was charged with Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass to Property and Battery. These charges are still pending in the 7th Judicial Court of Illinois.

Then don’t forget about his 2015 pending charges we brought to you earlier.

Jordan has also been the part of 2 Order of Protection Cases this year so far aswell.

Basically this man clearly has a driving problem and needs to never be allowed near a car for one. Two he needs to get his alleged anger problem under control from what it seems.

Jordan here has created websites to blame the police, blame his victims, but never has admitted to his own flaws. Though he continues to break the law and wind up in trouble with the police. Then he wonders why people treat him the way they do.

If you see this man RUN, its clear he is someone you don’t want in your circle.

Take a look at all of his lovely mug shots.

JordanJMonoreJordanJMonore4 JordanJMonore3 JordanJMonore2 JordanJMonore1 JordanJMonore8 JordanJMonore7 JordanJMonore6 JordanJMonore5 JordanJMonore15 JordanJMonore14 JordanJMonore13 JordanJMonore12 JordanJMonore11 JordanJMonore10 JordanJMonore9

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18 Comments on "How Does The Spit Taste Jordan J. Monroe?? Little Dick Convicted Armed Robber In Trouble Again!"

  1. Who’s the gueer from a couple years ago that went and flashed kids at the bus stop (I was one of the kids)

  2. Wasn’t he posting on the Springfield resale asking for a body guard? Lmao

  3. He would harass me at my work and come in repeatedly. I hope he rots.

  4. Thaat what he is doing at Culvers I was the dude staring at him because he was tauting my causing went in the 2 days in a row I’m just glad I controlled myself and diddnt beat his ass but he stalkes my house and has fired a gun in my back yard when we have 3 kids and a baby here he is disrespectful and he’s a pedo he got ingaged last year to a 16 year old

  5. She was with him when they would harrass me

  6. He is also a pedophile. Last time I seen him he was in a car with 15 & 16 year old boys giving them alcohol. I know for a fact he got one of them drunk and raped him. The cops havent pressed charges yet and I dont know why. Dont let him around underage boys because he will try to force them into sexual acts against their will or get them intoxicated so they can’t consent.

  7. He’s been stalking me for years, he’s tried to force himself upon people before, he’s a pedophile, stalker and a scumbag. I hope he rots and I hope they don’t easy on him

  8. I cant believe one guy is capable of so much. He posted about culvers, His profile is hilarious and his website: is a joke. What’s with the pics of him holding thousands and thousands of dollars. Doesn’t he know that photo copying money is illegal?

  9. Unfortunately, I’ve hung out with him before. Kept asking me if I knew any guys that wanted to “come over and hang”, aka get underage kids intoxicated. My good friend is also friends with him, unfortunately, and asked him before if he knew any little boys (specified his age preference) which was under 18. he’s also tried doing things with my friend and also tried bribing him into having sexual interactions for money and rides. he loves to stalk guys and harass girls too. so please stay away from him.

  10. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the bills all had the same serial number!

  11. It’s not photo copied money, if it was, why would Dustin Hodges and jake rouse try to rob him? Why would Nathan Ayers try to steal his money? Hmm We do want to apologize to everyone who is upset they can’t own their own things and have to go through banks the closest thing you guys will know to bring a baller is selling your dime bags to the potheads of Springfield, smh

    • Hey look it’s the 16 year old all grown up! You really think all the stories about the little boys are made up? Your husband’s a sick disgusting waiste of a human being. Apologise? Because everyone else isn’t a scam artist with a ram jam used car lot and garage? Your dumbass husband knows this site exists but is dumb enough to open a buisness in this town? The idiot can’t even give away free food without people throwing rocks at him and his cars, the cops obviously hate him as well if they threw tickets at him after someone threw some rocks at him….everyone but you sees he’s a piece of crap, when are you going to OPEN YOURE EYES. I bet you’re dad despises him, I bet you’re mom despises him, I bet you’re brother despises him, the whole town of Springfield doesn’t like him. Every where he’s been and everywhere he will go someone will hate him…but YOU. So good luck to you..because you will be lonely when he winds up in prison where he belongs. Again…

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