Horace Mann Security Allegedly Curses Out Crowd – Day Saved By Springfield Police!

Randy Miller on Facebook Writes “An unfortunate situation happened at the Route 66 Mother Road Festival but The Springfield Police Dept came to the rescue and saved the day. The security guy from Horace Mann came down to the Burn Out event and with a bull horn was yelling at everyone to get off the grass, he was cursing at the crowd because they were slow to respond and more new people were showing up and getting on the grass. The crowd was booing him loudly. The announcers at the event were apologizing that they have never had this problem in 14 years of doing the event and asked people to get off the grass. Then the Super Heros arrived, the Springfield Police Dept. They apparently asked the Security person to come with them and they escorted him back to the Horace Mann building where I assume they called Horace Mann officals. The next thing we knew the annoucer said that Horace Mann said the crowd could stand on the grass and the crowd cheered. Way to go Springfield Police Dept lets see if that makes the news. And thank you Horace Mann!”



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