HOMEWRECKER ALERT – Abigail Norman AKA Leigha A. Norman

Meet Abigail Norman AKA Leigha A. Norman  of 229 W Main St, Williamsville IL

This bitch uses a fake facebook name because her ass got ran out of Texas because shes a homewrecking whore!

Caught then 30 year old bitch in bed with me 20 year old husband.

Scary she loves them younger men, shes scheduled to be a Substitute Teacher at the Williamsville / Sherman CUSD 15 School District in 2017/2018!

 Williamsville has already had their issues, they don’t need anymore within their schools! Boy these user submissions are great! -R

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85 Comments on "HOMEWRECKER ALERT – Abigail Norman AKA Leigha A. Norman"

  1. She pretty sexy actually

  2. Uggg I wish these users who submit knew what a period, comma and actual sentence are. But then that just shows you the type of people that do submit.

  3. Prolly because she had better grammar than the wife

  4. Pretty sure he’s not innocent in this either. Lol

  5. You need to blame the person you married and move on.

  6. I don’t think this person was speaking English.

  7. The guy she was with is just as guilty. Women are so quick the blame the other chick, your man should have gave her any attention to begin with.

  8. Soooooo who’s gonna tag her lol
    I’m tryna hear what has to be said…I’m bored and fb is my only outlet for fun.

  9. Homewrecker, because the husband didn’t want his wife no more. she can’t just blame her. She better look at him first.

  10. So she’s single?

  11. Can this be deleted? She’s a good person. This type of social media could ruin someone’s reputation & future jobs. Her address is on it. For goodness sakes please

  12. Not gonna lie, this would piss me off so bad someone getting mad and airing this personal issue out to a community she’s about to need respect in as a teacher, who won’t give her the benefit of the doubt once they read it.

    • Yeah idk her but this is trash, people will read this and she’s gonna be branded a slut not even knowing IF anything related to what she said is true or not, frankly, it’s nobody’s business and definitely shouldn’t interfere with her job. Just like callin rape on someone, doesn’t matter if dude’s found not guilty, he’s forever branded a rapist. Take this crap down.

  13. So because she fucked a guy in his 20s she is automatically going to try and bed highschool kids? Well then when I was in college seeing a 40 year old woman she was a predator too. Fucking hell there is some reaching going on here.

  14. I often wonder how many people would rethink posting these types of things if they knew all their indiscretions would be aired out as well.

  15. I think to be fair we need the submitter’s name as well as the husband’s name.

  16. This needs to be removed. This could put her in potential serious danger with all her personal information posted on it. Not to mention that whether it’s true or not is irrelevant, but it could ruin her personal life and professional life as well. If it is true, there still was no law broken and the husband is just as much to blame, if not more so than this woman because we don’t know what story he spun her if it is true. This also could be a jealous ex that’s lying out her ass. You have, whether knowingly or not, put this woman in danger. Please have some class and remove this.

  17. This is just wrong!!! Take this down!!!

  18. Again. This is the type of thing that causes people to kill themselves. Also, it has her personal info on. Just because someone is pissed off and submits something doesn’t mean it should be posted. This could literally ruin her life. Get her physically harmed or cause her to do something to herself. This is too much. Seriously. It’s not even amusing anymore.

  19. Thanks for helping me back this girl up everyone!!! Keep it up. She’s a wonderful person. Truly a blessing to have in our district.

  20. Sure hope you are reporting facts and not libal

  21. Take this down! How would you feel if this was your mother, sister, daughter, or niece? Would you, the admin of this page, want this sort of trash being posted? If you have any sort of human decency then you wouldn’t have even posted this or started the site or page. But you have the opportunity to redeem yourself here. I would take the opportunity.

  22. This is petty. Shit happens, if it’s true. If it’s not, someone could have a law suit on their hands. I agree with a majority of the comments. Take it down. Cyber bullying bullshit.

  23. Can it be “reported” so FB will remove it? Just a thought ‍♀️

  24. Wow. . I just started following this page and this is ridiculous and not funny! You seriously put this shit on here not knowing if it’s true or not. Posting her address?!? Her employer? Seriously? That’s fucked up!

  25. just to let you know i am married

  26. Somebody has an affair. This qualifies as “springfield exposed” – this kind of petty crap goes on in every town, every day. Lady, either leave him or love him but leave us all out of it….can’t believe you are helping this along…smh

  27. Her man is a damn homewrecker as well…..she didn’t do it on her own…..nd putting her address nd job on there is petty childish ass shit……this chick needs to grow the fk up

  28. Normally love this site but this one is not good. This chick gets heated cuz either a. She married trash or b. She wasn’t feeding the dog and the neighbor was offering steak. And now she tries to ruin a persons life?? Not cool

  29. This stuff ruins you! A girl did this to me. My bf ex put all my information on here…work, address, etc…I have children and a great job. It wasn’t fun trying to clear my name

  30. Wow, I’ve seen some low blows to people on the site before but this one takes the cake. Isn’t it obvious that there is a jealous ex here?? I know the woman making accusations and she is a low life scum bag that has stooped to a new level. Emily I will see you in court. Oh I remember now, you also have a court appearance coming up for retail theft! Didn’t you steal from walmart?! Tucked a box of Trojan condoms in your purse and hit the door! GROW UP!

  31. Wow, I’ve seen some low blows to people on the site before but this one takes the cake. Isn’t it obvious that there is a jealous ex here?? I know the woman making accusations and she is a low life scum bag that has stooped to a new level. Emily I will see you in court. Oh I remember now, you also have a court appearance coming up for retail theft! Didn’t you steal from walmart?! Tucked a box of Trojan condoms in your purse and hit the door! GROW UP!

  32. & this is why you should never fuck another woman’s husband

  33. Pathetic to post this type of crap. Get a life already!

  34. This is ridiculous and needs to be removed immediately! You are allowing someone’s personal information to be blasted publicly with no just cause or proof of any of the accusations posted! If it was you or your family/friends being harassed and slandered, you would take immediate action to remove. Please be respectful and remove this from your FB page and website!

  35. This and most of the stuff on the site is TOTAL TRASH. But it is coming from people who are living their lives like TOTAL TRASH.

    A reputation is much easier protected than earned back…..

  36. Keep his belly full and his balls empty!!

  37. This is not news, this is gossip that is filled with lies. “Springfield Exposed ” is nothing more then a junk tabloid that makes up lies so people will pay attention to them. …and ruins people’s reputation in the meantime. Give it a week, I’m sure he’ll have some other bullshit story on here that effects someone else’s life…but not his own! Oh no! Punk hides behind a keyboad.

  38. Needs to come down. There is personal information put out there. There is no way to prove it’s all facts. This other person could be out to create issues fir this poor woman. Shame on you for putting her in danger Springfield exposed.

  39. She is one also… Look at a older post about a Schnucks worker..lol Then read her post. Lmao. My ex of 18 ur is the one she is calling a Cheater. She post she was with him 7yr I kicked him out year half ago..And she knew about me but, didn’t care..And I knew nothing.. She bought him everything just to have him… I still have some of his shit.. He won’t come get it.. And when I tried to tell her she listened to him..SO NOW SHE IS MAD BITCH WHAT DID I TRY AND TELL YOU SO NOW YOUR HEART BROKE .

  40. Not even going to bother reading this. Between the caption and the comments here, it just sounds like gossip and dirty laundry.

  41. Look for thier Facebook.. you’ll find out whose salty. And whose not

  42. At least she is a Cubs fan, she can’t be that bad!

  43. My kids go this school…and will continue to go here…I have better things to worry about..welcome to the district!!!

  44. John Hollowman | July 8, 2017 at 11:16 am | Reply

    Supposed homewrecking is hot. I don’t blame dude a bit.

  45. So what? He was of legal age and so was she. This sounds like a pissed off woman posting this that got cheated on by him. It’s that simple. And for trying to ruin her career for personal reasons, that reflects on your character. Not hers. Where is the evidence?

  46. Bigmoneybigwang | September 9, 2018 at 5:32 pm | Reply

    Fuck anyone got her info I want 2 go 2 pound town

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