Home Wrecking Nurse Sharing More Than Just Your Medication! HIPAA Violation??

Okay so today there has been this lovely picture rolling around of a local Nurse. Originally from a little town just south of the Bloomington Area.
Sorry we have to edit it a little…

Boy those boobs are fucked up…

So the story we’ve gotten behind this is that this girl sent this naked snap chat to a married man scratch that multiple married men. Well the photo got leaked and now she is calling the cops, reporting the photos on FaceBook and blaming everyone but herself.

It was also told to us she is a nurse here in the local area, and has been caught sending pictures/information of patients medical conditions, according to sources.

We reached out to her for comment, she stated she would provide us some details and has yet to do so.

Should We Expose This Dirty Nasty Homewrecker??

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94 Comments on "Home Wrecking Nurse Sharing More Than Just Your Medication! HIPAA Violation??"

  1. And she’s not a nurse, she a CNA

  2. If she’s claiming to be a nurse… That’s against the law… And you need to prove she’s sharing information and turn her in for that… That’s unacceptable.

  3. Well I wasn’t gonna post nothing but this chic has me heated.I did not buy a phone from her nor did I steal her phone and get on her snap chat and post this pic.I don’t know this chic at all.she’s distraught over her personal life being all over Fb because of her children well I’m sorry u just don’t send random pics of your nakedness and not expect there wives/girlfriends to do something like this.I caught her in so many lies just the one hour I spoke to her.I don’t know her and care less about her.all I have to say u shouldn’t mess with other people’s men and this wouldn’t happen. She says she has stories on me she’s gonna blast me…..bring it on my life isn’t a hidden secret so go for it.but stop telling people I have a phone and I did this

  4. Bitch no one said ur the one that bought her phone u didnt catch her up in shit all u cunts are lying bitches and good one for sayn shes releasing info cuz shes not even around anyones records so if u make a story about someone make sure its right and she looks pretty damn good so ty

  5. And bitch who tf are u judging anyone ur kids are ward of the state cuz u were a street whore for your herion addiction so lets be real

  6. I know u ain’t talking to me I have my children and I’ve never done herion a day in my life…..i don’t even know this girl.she is going around telling people I bought a phone from her and some I stole it…..and telling people I run exposed.and telling people im saying stuff about them…. She really needs to keep her pie hole closed and from the looks of it her legs to

  7. Now she is telling people I bought her phone and some I stole it here is my proof…I don’t even no this chick…..

  8. Bitch some chic that works at gordmans did she didnt say u so stop trying to get famous too im done entertaining u fucks

  9. I was with her when she sold this phone! whoever is posting this bullshit should get a life… I’ve known her for a long time she’s a mother and a great one at that and has been with the same man for several years…. get a fucking life you stupid fucks….

  10. As a completely outside party who doesn’t know anyone involved with this, I want to point out that you could all get yourselves into some legal trouble regardless of what this woman did. I’m not here to start any fights, I’m just here to spread some information but Illinois has one of the toughest laws in regard to revenge porn. It doesn’t matter who she sent the image to but when you begin publicly posting it without her consent…it’s a felony in our state.

    Here’s a link for more info.


  11. people commit suicide over stuff like this… so whoever posted this should really think before you post stupid stuff like this… she doesn’t even work anywhere near the patients information one and two who really goes that deep into someone else’s personal business I’m sure you all have better things to do than sit around and try and ruin someone’s life. it’s disgusting how pathetic people really are

  12. Just from the comments on here and the article itself, she has a very strong legal case and I hope she pursues it because this is too far. She would also have a very strong legal case against whoever originally uploaded the photo.

    There are far more mature ways to deal with your man cheating on you…leaving him might be a good option.

  13. She also had her boyfriend threaten the girlfriend that he was going to kill her, well close enough. Regardless she shouldn’t stir up shit with a girl , then send her man a nude photo knowing he was involved with someone. She actually did it on purpose to stir stuff up. What goes around , come around

  14. OK so that’s fine let her perdue it bit that doesnt mean she drags peoples name in the dirt that has nothing to do with it.im being accused of stealing/buying a phone. She is involving people that have no part of it that is not far at all.and I’m sorry if I found this in my husbands phone I would be furious.I don’t know her so I know nothing about her being a nurse I don’t know anything about her.but I don’t know she can’t keep her lies straight to keep from this shit….and I don’t have her phone

  15. We never announced who it is. She has no case against us. To be Honest we don’t fully know who it is.

  16. Since you didn’t read the link.

  17. Lol Springfield exposed she knows more about us then we know about her….she was like Jen I got stories on u…I was like how u got stories on me and u don’t even know me

  18. As I said, Illinois has one of the toughest revenge porn laws. If you repost knowing this image was meant to be private which you could argue otherwise but the article itself gives you away that you do – she has a case against you

  19. Look into Illinois law on Amature Porn and user submission with consent of receiving party.

  20. You should probably read my link more carefully and you could argue it in court but with the new law regarding revenge porn…you’re on some shaky ground. This image was knowingly distributed with the intent to shame and/or harm against her consent on a public forum – the revenge porn law will supersede

  21. I agree nicole and already in the process ty and yes her name is posted by b mckinney so i do have a case everything has been downloaded off her phone and now heres more so ty keep em coming

  22. She’s digging herself a grave so I don’t feel sorry for her she won’t get know help from the law blaming me for buying or selling her phoneand FYI she ain’t doing shit cuz I’ll make he’d chole on her own lies

  23. But we can put our Facebook law degrees to rest, I doubt she will pursue anything against you as much as I wish she would. If she does then those with actual law degrees can determine the course of action.

  24. You should probably read our terms of service Nicole Elaine

  25. She said I was lying about her pic and all the other women’s comments where she messed with their men well her it is I wasn’t lyingjs

  26. It’s also illegal to send multiple people nude photos

  27. B Mike Kinney that’s what I said if u want to be private y sent naked picsu are asking for trouble.and I’m sorry if I found them in my husband a phone I pelrob snapped to.and from my knowledge your sister wasn’t the first….

  28. Nicole elaine she has already taken action she will not let this slide believe me

  29. Brett Tyler but never contacted us for removal instructions interesting…

  30. Brett you need to just push on! With your sick ass! Talking about a 3 month old baby!

  31. Oh and there are more nude photos of her so the skank can do whatever she feels will help her sleep at night!!!

  32. She is a washed up ass whore who got caught up and is now pissed off at her own actions

  33. Well if they are taking action I am to I got messages her telling people I atolw her phone so let’s so this.

  34. And months ago she posted a picture of someone’s prescription bottle telling the world what that person was taking and why they were taking it! Then she realized she could lose her job for it so she took the photo down! And Brett you know who the post was about cause you be cheating on her with that person lmao

  35. Look Brett and Michelle y’all need to leave my name out your mouth I don’t know shit about either of u but both of y’all are gonna learn about me stop messaging people telling a bunch of bs.this is ridiculous high school shot bit keep my name out of it or yes I will take legal action because both of u are dragging my name in the dirtnow let me get one more message about this and see what happens because I’m about to go postal on yall

  36. I’ll take full responsibility on posting the name!

  37. B Mike Kinney I’ve known your FAM for many years we are north side hood and I dont think they no about us✊✌✋☝

  38. Straight out of Springfield!

  39. The realist people live on the north #northside

  40. Lol damn coulda posted a bad picture wtf is wrong with it? Fuck is wrong w y’all mfs? Get a damn life and stop hiding behind a computer or phone. Straight like that

  41. Catch a std blowing in the wind from her

  42. Nicole Elaine she finally reached out to us directly, we provided her the appropriate steps.

    • I hope it’s an easy and simple resolution for everybody. I’m sure you guys have had enough of my certified University of Facebook law degree so I’ll be off of here now!

  43. And I bet you been in my moms inbox more then once just like all these other thirsty mfs to

  44. Not me I’ve known her many years prolly when you was pooping in diapers and she was the same then

  45. She used to steal little girls clothes from justice at the mall lmao mini skirts when she was an adult wtf lmao

  46. And damn you hoes mad cause my mom looks better than ur fat asses

  47. Aye but I’m off this shit I’m at work clocking these hours and making this money and so is my mom. Enjoy ur day n take care

  48. Good luck you and your skank ass mom cause she will get hers soon

  49. Acts like nobody works

  50. Lol he is a man now Brandon

  51. Lmfao looks like someone out played her finally!!!!! Karma is a beautiful bitch isnt she! You can only talk.shit about people and interfere with their lives for so long before it catches up to you how does it feel honey!! You get fake o.p’s make fake police reports..call people constantly blocked or with an app using someone elses n u number …try to bash every girl in town when your the WORST!!

  52. So is she claiming this picture is her? We never said it was.. Hell we don’t know if it’s her. Our source was never revealed either by us. I should says sources actually since 7 people sent it in. Two of those seven received it directly from the owner according to them.

  53. The facts are straight .. Everyone knows the girl

  54. Her sending Kristians man naked photos is definitely a home wrecker, she knew what she was doing!

  55. Can’t y’all just get along?

  56. So what came of this ?

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