Holley J. Etchieson aka Holley J. Brake, Set The Perfect Example!

Remember our story the other week on
Katrina Nicole Brake (Drugs, Theft, Battery – Calm Down Katrina Nicole Brake!)?

One of our readers wrote in and made a pretty good point… Where did Katrina go wrong?
Meet Holley Jo Etchieson aka Holley Jo Brake (Kristina’s Mother).

Holley here has a pretty similar background to her daughter…

Arrested on 11/30/1997 For Misdemeanor Retail Theft.
Arrested on 10/03/1996 for Misdemeanor Possession of Stolen Property.
Arrested on 10/03/1996 also for Misdemeanor Theft.
Arrested on 07/17/1996 for Felony Forgery & Theft.
Arrested on 02/09/1993 for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.

Boy Holley if you would of had a drug arrest, you and your daughters record would be almost exactly the same!

Curiosity do you think that a parent having a criminal background, could years later influence the decisions of a child?

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6 Comments on "Holley J. Etchieson aka Holley J. Brake, Set The Perfect Example!"

  1. Always reading | March 21, 2016 at 1:54 pm | Reply

    I think it may play a part, but is it the deciding factor? No, my pops is currently in year 8 or 9 of a 100 year sentence. But that doesnt mean I am going to go the same road he went. I am also not saying it CAN NOT happen to me.

      • how does she keep a job at the Sangamon county juvenile facility? and hands out vicadin that she obtains with a prescription( a drug that is prescribed to ONE patient, not everyone she decides to feed,??????????? tfu. holley didn’t raise kuntrina she was busy doing drugs herself! now kuntrina fucks for cocaine, lies, is a thief, a squatter, manipulator who thinks shes entitled to live off other people, and apparently holley thinks KUNTRINA)has a right to!!! I guess if kuntrina can get away with squatting,why should holley try to explain the definition of responsibility, morals or principals of respect??? to the stupid bitch she gave birth to but was never a mother or role model to kuntrina?????????????????

  2. its a toss up either the kids see theyre parents as dirtbags and try to be better or they grow up with the dirtbag lifestyle being all they know. ive seen both.

  3. The daughter has been known to pass counterfeit money to,and how does the mom hold a state job with that criminal history,pitiful

  4. this bitch (hoolley) didn’t raise katrina, she was too busy doing drugs when she should have been teaching katrina responsibility!and how to pay her own bills, now katrina is nothing but a SQUATTER, liar, thief, manipulator, dick sucking cocaine whore who feels shes entitled and uses everyone!!!

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