Hit & Run At Crows Mill Pub HELP!!!

Last night in Springfield at Crows Mill Pub there was a hit and run!

The suspect car left a piece of their car right next to victims.

After looking up the manufacturing number from the part, It belongs to someone driving a Mercedes GLK that was at Crows Mill last night.

If you have any information on this please contact Crows Mill Pub at 1220 Toronto Rd Springfield, IL 217-529-CROW (2769).


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6 Comments on "Hit & Run At Crows Mill Pub HELP!!!"

  1. That will probably buff out

  2. Remember the good old days when you could hit cars without the Facebook police jumping to action.

  3. Check your surveillance cameras… If you don’t have any then I would say that pretty irresponsible of a place that sells liquor to people to the point were they are crashing into other cars in the parking lot. Just saying.

  4. I mean crows mill wants to find the guy they served and allowed to become so intoxicated that they crashing into other cars in the parking lot on there drive hone. Wtf Maybe they shouldn’t let people get that drunk and if they do maybe should call them a cab instead of let them drive drunk.

  5. hit and runs happen a lot out there ! look in the basement

  6. What do you mean contact crows mill pub. Call Crimestoppers!

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