HIDE Your Young Daughters From John Clifford Linne

John Clifford Linne3Remember John “JC” Linne from Beware Of John Clifford Linne The “Big Red Snitch”?

Boy oh boy did this one take a turn after he was last featured.

Recognize the phone number 2178366362?

Take a look at your teenage daughters cell phone logs to make sure its not on there anywhere. We have received several reports of sexually inappropriate messages being sent to high school girls from this number and the parents are livid!

Doing some research we found out that the number “2178366362” is a Cellco Partenship “Verizon Wireless IL” Cell Phone registered to JC  – JOHN CLIFFORD LINNE!

Now first we are like well maybe this number is used by his son or something, but further research shows this number is the number of the father John Linne not a teenager.

A look at his criminal history shows a long history of trouble with local law enforcement, as well as he is currently out on TWO FELONY cases on bond.

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24 Comments on "HIDE Your Young Daughters From John Clifford Linne"

  1. You guys are pathetic. Quit spreading shit about this man that isn’t true. He pissed you off, now you’re trying to mess with him. Where is the proof?? Fucking losers!!

  2. J Lynn Klekamp its okay we know you know him and have a biased opnion…
    SPRINGFIELD, IL 62707-7421

  3. Blast away, all bullshit

    SPRINGFIELD, IL 62707-7421

  5. Ok if the dude messed with teenage girls then he deserves what he gets..but if not then it’s not right to blast his info. Is there any proof he’s messaging girls?

  6. I love that you guys bust out losers all over the 217. But I am seriously asking are you allowed to say anything about anyone without evidence and how is this not illegal until they are found guilty??? Just a general question about all the people you put on your site !

  7. just my two cents | August 4, 2016 at 12:38 pm | Reply

    Jc linne is trash! He will fuck anything with a hole between their legs! The whole linne family is trash and nothing but dope head scum.. craig linne is just as bad out there on methadone acting like a good guy when really hes so fucked up on methadone and still using heroin because he doesnt get high off his methadone anymore! Stay away from linnes tree service too hes a rip off and will charge you for shit you dont really need.. or he will talk you into getting work done that isnt needed so he can make more money off you..

  8. John Clifford “JC” Linne is human garbage. The lowest of the low. He should be ashamed of how he treats people. He takes advantage of good honest decent people when they are at their lowest and most vulnerable point in life. He literally kicks people when they are down. He will drain them of every cent they have left to their name, And then on top of that rob them of their property until they literally have nothing left. Nothing. Nothing is what you are “JC”. How do you sleep at night? How can you live with yourself knowing what you do to other people? Karma is a bitch and I hope you get every once of payback you deserve.

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